12 benefits of sweet corn to Diet

Sweet corn is included in the Group of Saccharata. Actually, almost the same with the sweet corn corn benefits generally, just sweet corn has a taste that is indeed sweeter. This is because the sugar content of its very high sucrose especially when it's being harvested. In contrast to the usual corn benefits that tastes a little bit fresh, sweet corn has sweet taste. Sweet on sweet corn occurs due to a mutation of a gene that helps cause grain corn polysaccharide failed form of starch. That's why, when dried sweet corn will be wrinkled, unlike the other corn.

Content In Sweet Corn

Sweet corn has a sweet flavor but could not survive for long. Sweetness in sweetcorn can only last for 4 days only. Therefore, after the harvest, sweet corn should be cooked immediately. Processing of sweet corn can be made with boiled, burned, steamed, or mixed materials used for sop. Not only can you enjoy tastes, sweet corn can also be enjoyed to get a healthy body, because it has some content in it, such as: a source of antioxidants, thiamine, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, protein, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, and some other content is also good for health.

Sweet Corn To Diet

Sweet corn much enjoyed because it feels sweet and only used as a snack. Not only as a snack actually, because of the glut of too sweet corn. Sweet corn can be enjoyed for a few people who have excess weight, because your own sweet corn can be used for diet. Some of the benefits of sweet corn to the diet include:

1. Low In Calories

the benefits of sweet corn has a low calorie levels. Calories in sweet corn the equivalent of apples. It is explained that eating apples corn have the same calorie levels, thus consuming sweetcorn can be said that not going to gain weight.

2. It Has A Low Sugar Content

Although it has a sweet taste, but the levels of sugar in the sweet corn classified as low. If compared with apples, sugar content of sweet corn are only 1/fourth child only. That is why, many substitute products with sugar cane sugar originating from the sweet corn.

3. Rich In Fiber

Fat may occur because the digestive tract is a less fluent, so much fat in the belly of the precipitates and renders a belly. Consume the sweet corn that has the content of a benefit-rich in fiber can help unleash the digestion, and good for those of you who are doing the diet.

4. Lowering Blood Sugar Levels

Glycemic Index on sweet corn belongs to low, though it has a sweet taste, however low the IG on sweetcorn may help lower blood sugar levels in the body. Excess blood sugar in the body, in addition can cause diabetes, may also cause raised fallow Agency therefore, consuming sugary foods for diabetics and for some people who have weight problems, it can be consuming sweetcorn regularly.

5. As A Substitute For Rice

Benefits of rice is a source of carbohydrates that are badly needed by the body. In addition to rice, there are also other carbohydrate sources, namely sweet corn. Nutrients contained in sweet corn also varies. That's why sweet corn can be made into food that can replace rice. Because the nutrients in sweet corn can help meet daily nutrition on the body.

6. Give A Sense Of Satiety For Longer

Consume rice and sweet corn can be equally rich. It's just that, a sense of satiety posed different sweet corn and rice. Consuming sweetcorn may help provide a sense of satiety, so well used dangat for people who want to diet.

7. Low Fat

Excess weight is caused due to excess fat in the body due to ingestion of fatty. Consume good food without FAT: with sweet corn. In addition to sweet and can really stomach, boiled sweet corn sweet benefits are also low in fat, so as to prevent excess fat in the body.

Another Benefit Of Sweet Corn

In addition to its benefits for diet, sweet corn also has several other benefits to health, including:

Maintain Eye Health

Sweet corn contain carotene which is good for maintaining eye health. Consuming sweet corn can also protect the eyes from macular degeneration because sweet corn contain zeaxanthin in it.

Maintain Heart Health

Other content in sweet corn i.e. the benefits of folic acid that can help lower the amino acids in the blood vessels. Bring down means amino acids also decrease causes the occurrence of heart disease.

Maintaining Bone Health

Mineral content in sweet corn such as manganese, zinc and copper are excellent for maintaining bone health. The mineral can reduce the pain due to arthritis and also prevents osteoporosis.

Help Improve Memory

We will usually reduce the memory. Prevent a decline in memory and also address the problem of Alzheimer's can be done by consuming sweetcorn. Thiamine content in sweet corn is very good to improve memory.

Prevent Anemia

Consuming sweet corn can help meet the needs of iron in the body. Not only with spinach, helps overcome the anemia can also be done by consuming sweetcorn. The benefits of iron in sweet corn production of hemoglobin can help increase dramatically.

Immune Boost

Benefits of vitamin C in the content of sweet corn can help boost the immune system. Immune awake can prevent many diseases go into the entire body. So your body will be healthier and have a strong body endurance.

How To Cook Sweet Corn Properly

Sweet corn can be used for weight loss or diet, and can also be utilized for maintaining health. There are several ways of cooking boiled sweet corn benefit for diets to stay healthy to eat, i.e.:

Sweet corn cooked in a way better boiled or steamed.

Avoid consuming sweetcorn with added sugar.

Avoid cooking sweet corn with burned using margarine because it can increase body fat.

Soon Cook Sweet corn before 4 days because of the sweet taste will disappear after 4 days.

Consuming sweet corn could be added with other ingredients but can reduce nutrients of sweet corn itself. Try to cook it properly so that nutrients are obtained can be beneficial for the body, especially to the diet.

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