20 Benefit of fries for health and beauty

The potato is one of the food ingredients which is quite popular and well liked by many people. In addition to being a staple food ingredient potato also processed into various snacks such as French fries, potato chips, etc. One of processed potatoes are quite popular and well liked by many people is the fries. Potatoes peeled and cut according to taste and then deep fried until cooked. You can then directly be eaten with chilli sauce or tomato sauce. French fries can be consumed as snacks or side dishes while enjoying the main dish.

The fries are not only delicious but also rich health benefits as long as it is treated in the right way and certainly consumed in sufficient and not excessive portion. As is known the potato is a source of energy because it is rich in carbohydrates and a variety of other nutrients such as protein, benefits benefits benefits of fiber, folic acid, vitamin C benefits, benefits, benefits of vitamin A vitamin K, vitamin B6, potassium, niacin, benefits the benefits of magnesium, manganese, phosphorus benefits benefits, and the benefits of iron. With a wide array of nutrients it contains fried potato consumption will bring many benefits to health include:

1. Energy sources

As already known the potato is one of the staple food rice other than alternative because it is rich in carbohydrates are a source of energy for the body. By consuming fried potatoes will make the stomach feels full and certainly add to the supply of energy to the body. In addition to the potato staple foodstuffs there is also other alternatives such as maize and benefits benefits of sago.

2. Launch the digestion

Fried potatoes also contain fiber so it is very good for digestive health. Processing and absorption of the food will go smoothly so your body gets maximum nutrient intake from food or drink is consumed. Some other food that is also good for smooth digestion include the benefits of fruit, fruit benefits kiwano kupa, and the benefits of purple Yam.

3. Prevent constipation

Fiber content in French fries can also prevent you from constipation or constipation. The rest of the digestive form of stool may soon be issued smoothly and any belly feels comfortable. Another way to prevent constipation can also be done using the black plums and benefits benefits the leaves of dill.

4. Increase the body's immune

The consumption of French fries are also good for the body's defense against disease-causing viruses and bacteria so you don't fall sick easily. This is supported by the content contained on the vitamn C fries so preserved immune and the better. Besides the benefits of the fish juaro and cupuacu fruit benefits can also be an alternative for increasing the immunity of the body.

5. Smooth the facial skin

Not only for health, consumption of fries has also a positive effect on beauty which can help smooth the skin of your face. In addition to the consumption of potatoes can also be used as a mask to treat facial skin smoothness from the outside. Another way to get smooth facial skin can also be done with the benefits of pineapple for the face and pace benefits for the skin of the face.

6. Brighten skin

Benefits of fries for beauty can also make skin look brighter. This is important given the pollution, sunlight, and a variety of other factors can cause the skin to look dull and dark. To restore its brightness the consumption of French fries can be the right choice. Brighter skin can also be obtained by using some other natural ingredients like green tea benefits of Dragon fruit and benefits for the skin.

7. To prevent premature aging

The content of vitamin C on the fries can help prevent premature signs of aging such as wrinkles on the face so you look youthful. In addition there are many other natural ingredients that can be an alternative to prevent premature aging among others the benefits of tea leaf Aloe leaves and benefits of passion fruit.

8. Overcoming hair loss

Benefits of fries can also help address the problem of hair loss. This is supported by the content of some vitamins such as vitamins A, C and B6, as well as the mineral form of potassium. In addition, you can also use several other natural ingredients like oil benefits urang aring and benefits of honey for hair loss.

9. Help lose weight

The content of carbohydrates and fiber on fried potatoes will make the stomach feel full so you eat prevent is excessive. This will be very helpful especially for those of you who are currently undergoing a diet or weight loss program. Beside that there are many choices of other natural ingredients can also help the success of the diet programs include benefits of soursop leaf to diet and the benefits of the mangosteen rind to lose weight.

10. Coping with stress

Benefits of fries are no less important is can help coping with stress are whack. This is important given the today people so easily exposed to stress. This is supported by the content of vitamin B6 on fries that are useful to help relieve the stress suffered. Another way to cope with stress can also be made with the benefit of recreation and the benefits of body massage.

11. Keep the nerve health

Nerve conduction as messages between the brain and the rest of the body has an important war in the human body. Damage to nerves can affect many things to lower the quality of life. To maintain the health of the nerve one of which can be done by eating food nutritious vegetables like French fries, soup lobseter benefits, and the benefits of the fruit kiwano.

12. Good for dental health

In addition to the maintenance of the nutritious food consumption from the outside is also important for maintaining dental health so that teeth become healthy and strong. Including by consuming fried potatoes, grapes for dental benefits, as well as the benefits to teeth. bengkoang

13. Good for bone health

In addition to the dental health of the consumption of French fries are also good for maintaining bone health. This can be an alternative food that is good for bones in addition to several other natural ingredients such as ginger root benefits for bone and bone for pete's benefits.

14. Good for heart health

Potassium content in French fries can help maintain heart health at the same time prevent the incidence of various diseases commonly attack the jantng. In addition there are many other healthy food options such as the benefits of avocado for the mangosteen benefits the heart and for the heart.

In addition to the wide variety of benefits above there are many other benefits of fries for health include:

1. Prevent Cancer

2. Prevent premenstrual syndrome

3. Reduce Kidney stone disease

4. Reduce cholesterol levels in the body

5. Reduce pain

6. Address the swelling of the eyes

Very diverse benefits instead of fries for health and beauty? For that you need not doubt consuming these foods but of course should not be exaggerated. To get the maximum benefits and reduce the ill effects of cooking oil we recommend that you choose a quality oil like olive oil to fry potatoes and try using the little amount of oil. In addition please do not use too much salt. You can replace it with another herb or spice to harness such as garlic.

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