4 benefits of boiled potatoes for Diet and health

Benefits of boiled potatoes in diet programs are already well known, this is due to the content of carbohydrates in potatoes enough as a substitute for rice. as well as consuming rice we can use boiled potatoes as the main food and ingredients are consumed with other veggies but stick with the provisions of the basic principle of balance the calories that your body needs.

Own is a kind of potato tubers which are a source of carbohydrates, protein, fat, fibre vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. The potato consumption can help diabetics control blood sugar levels in the body. Unlike the freshwater lobster benefits of fiber found in starch digestives in simple sugar absorption in the colon this will cause blood sugar levels within the normal range and to avoid fluctuations. Thus potato serves as one of the sources of carbohydrates are good for diabetics.

Benefits of boiled potatoes to your diet such as:

1. Weight control

Consuming boiled potatoes as a staple food will not lead to weight gain exactly the opposite will reduce weight, but with the proviso that no boiled potatoes added salt, cheese or mayonnaise. If you are in a time of low-carb diets are advised to consume boiled potatoes, vitamin and minerals and other substances on potatoes is very useful for health and defense system of the body as well as being able to control and weight control This would be very useful if it is supported by the benefits of aerobic gymnastics to diet.

2. Contain fiber

In the process lose or control weight is the main factor to watch out for is to maintain body condition to keep reserves of food as a source of energy, in contrast to the benefits of ginger to a diet of potatoes contain fiber food that serves as food reserves in the body and lead to a sense of fullness last longer. This will result in decreased food consumption and body retains the energy reserves to work.

3. Capable of processing the nutrients into energy

In contrast to the benefits of drinking honey content of vitamin B6 are high on the potatoes very function to break down carbohydrates and protein into glucose and amino acids in which both main fuel as an energy source for the body.

4. Launch the digestion

Defecation or CHAPTERS are often a benchmark benchmark your digestive health. Many have assumed that if the digestive system smoothly then it will help the process of weight loss, although this is actually the true effect brought about a bit. Smooth digestion actually profitable in order to reduce flatulence and discomfort that resulted in someone begah, despite that the potato content rich in fiber is able to launch your digestive system and at least very useful for health, which is one of the factor endowments in order to launch the process of your diet where one of the benefits of fiber is that it helps lose weight. Moreover, a diet high in fiber can help prevent certain types of cancers especially colon and helps regulate blood sugar levels and cholesterol.

But keep in mind that the potato could contain the alkaloid solanine and chaconine, which is toxic. This alkaloid is concentrated in the largest number there is exactly under the skin, and the result can increase proportional to age and exposure to sunlight. The potatoes were cooked at a high temperature (over 170 ° C), will most likely destroy most of toxic substances. A result of this toxic substance, when it is consumed in great numbers can cause headaches, weakness, muscle cramps, and even in some cases could cause heavy loss of consciousness and coma. But don't worry too much, because of poisoning from potatoes is very rare. But keep doing consultancy in running your diet, for a healthy diet will be very beneficial to your health and can prevent you from many malicious disease risk. May be useful.

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