7 benefits of Petai for high cholesterol at the same time healthy food

Benefits of pete who has a strong scent is very often consumed Indonesia as vegetables and other foods blend for some very delicious although the smell impact quite sharply. However it turns out, Pete also has many uses for the body especially for cholesterol. In pete contain nutrients and chemical compounds such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, calcium, vitamin C, thiamin, vitamin E and some chemical compounds such as squalene, sitosterol, stigmasterol, campesterol, lupeol and many more vitamin and other minerals. Of all such content, is certainly very many uses of pete for pete benefits to particular body cholesterol which we will review in the following.

1. The Effect Of Antioxidants

The source of the antioxidants in Pete, very useful for the body to fight off oxidation stress is very bad effect to the body such as impeding the benefits of detoxification in the body so the walk isn't perfect. This abnormal condition would cause high blood cholesterol, cancer, hiperbilirubinemia, atherosclerosis, diabetes and many more others.

2. Contain Niacin

The vitamin B niacin content in Pete is crucial to lowering bad cholesterol or LDL cholesterol levels increase, however good or HDL while lowering levels of triglycerides. To that end, consume foods high in niacin such as Pete is highly recommended, especially for someone who has high cholesterol levels in the body.

3. Reduce Hardening Of The Arteries

In Pete also contains the likopen is carotenoids for lowering cholesterol levels while reducing hardening of the arteries. Although its content is far less than tomatoes, watermelon or orange, but this content in Pete, likopen is enough powerful to reduce bad cholesterol in the body so that the thickness of the artery walls can also be reduced at the same time giving positive effect on the prostate gland.

4. Ward Off Free Radicals

In Pete also contains vitamin C or Ascorbic acid is a fairly high and vitamins is famous for its powerful antioxidant that can help protect the body from free radicals that are produced on the body especially when doing exercise. Effects of free radicals is very bad effect on health including increasing the bad cholesterol even cancer solutions. So, Pete by consuming regularly, will greatly help to lower bad cholesterol levels but increase the levels of good cholesterol that is quite effective.

5. Contains Vitamin B3

Niacin or Nicotinic Acid or vitamin B3 is also one of the type of vitamin that has properties to lower cholesterol levels and also contained in Huntersville. This vitamin is a vitamin that is soluble in water so it is very beneficial for the body especially in changing the benefits of carbohydrates into energy sources while keeping the nervous system, digestive system, eyes and skin are also to be more healthy. Niacin is contained in Huntersville, can lower cholesterol levels up to 15% and triglycerides also reached 20% while increasing good cholesterol by up to 15%.

6. Binding of cholesterol and bile acids

The benefits of calcium contained in Huntersville also has to lower cholesterol, although the mechanism of action of calcium is not known with certainty, but is believed to be calcium-binding of cholesterol and bile acids with similar way of working with benefits of fiber. By way of binding of cholesterol significantly in the intestine, then cholesterol absorbed in the body will be much reduced and will be discarded along with the feces.

7. Prevent Peripheral Artery Disease

This peripheral artery disease can occur when plaque builds up cholesterol on the walls of the artery will clog blood flow in the arteries so that blood supply to the kidney organs, arms, legs and abdomen will be hampered. Consume the Pete, which contain a lot of vitamins, minerals and essential compounds is highly recommended to scrape plaque cholesterol buildup on artery walls safely without causing side effects such as to reduce the pain.

Despite the strong scent Pete, sometimes disturbing this, it turns out that there are many benefits of cholesterol to the Pete may some of them are not yet known. In addition can be consumed raw, Pete, it can be processed into delicious dishes such as burned or mixed with another side dish into a mouth-watering meal at once is effective to lower cholesterol levels.

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