8 benefits of Eating Granola for the health of the body

The benefits of eating granola for health has been widely felt in part of the community. The usual Granola consumed at breakfast or as a snack. Granola consists of oats, fruit-dried buhan, nuts such as cashews, dried currants baked with cinnamon scent. Any granola has material that varies according to certain brands and causes the granola has a different nutrient content at each packaging.

Although it has a different content is generally high-fiber granola bars, protein, healthy fats, wheat.  Granola also contains vitamins and minerals important for the body. Several types of important vitamins and minerals contained in the granola is vitamin E, Vitamin B1, thiamine, folic acid, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium, omega 3 fatty acids where granola is derived from nature. Granola in Indonesia is largely grown by local farmers in the area.

Some of the benefits of consuming granola include:

1. Overcome digestive problems

The main content in the form of granola nuts contain high fiber, it is able to give a good effect to health pencernaanberbeda if you see the benefits of cinnamon for diabetes. Consumption of granola as breakfast by mixing it with milk or yogurt and fruit in order to balance the extra nutritional value, So don't be too excessive in its consumption in order for the number of calories in the body stay balanced.

2. Overcome Constipation

Less consume fiber and some diseases like diabetes can lead to constipation, the benefits of high fiber in granola is able to help cope with constipation.

3. Control blood sugar levels

Excessive consumption of calories and carbohydrates can increase blood sugar levels, consuming granola can control blood sugar levels can cause you to feel full without consuming too much food but the body still get nutrition balanced.

4. Lowering high cholesterol

Materials nuts in granola also make granola contains healthy fats. One serving of granola can give You 4 grams saturated fatty acids do not single and 4 grams polyunsaturated fatty acids do not. As the benefits of both kinds of gambas leaves these fats can lower high cholesterol levels in the blood, lowers high blood pressure and reduce inflammation.

5. Helpful Diet Program

Consume granola can support your diet program, its high fiber content is able to keep you full longer. But with the terms the amount eaten is not excessive, combine granola with fresh fruit in order not to consume excessive calories.

6. Protect the nervous system

In addition to protecting the nervous system different from the benefits of the interest of the mother's tears, the content of folic acid, minerals and vitamin B1 in the granola has a good function for metabolism and cell growth, and prevents neural tube defects (neural tube defects) in infants new-born.

7. Bone Strength

Mineral content contained in granola like phosphorus, magnesium, selenium, iron, and copper have a function which is very beneficial for the body. Magnesium has many functions that are good for your body. Phosphorus helps maintain the body's balance. Selenium, copper, and iron is important for maintaining bone strength and development.

8. Brain health

Omega 3 fats contained in the granola has an important role in maintaining brain health.

Granola has many benefits if the consumed calorie needs you. Carbohydrate is Granola cooked in fat. Dense calories contained in granola make a satisfyingly long. Note each nutrient content and composition in the granola could be precisely the reason you consume granola exceed caloric intake is expected.

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