The benefits of a raw egg To the muscle and the danger

The egg is one of the popular food ingredients in Indonesia. Besides it tastes good eggs are also very well liked because the price is affordable and of processing very easy. Eggs can be cooked into various preparations such as fried, boiled, or digulai, or most easily cooked with instant noodles. Eggs are also rich in nutritional benefits primarily protein so that the good is consumed daily. In addition there is also the protein content of kolin, the benefits of vitamin E, vitamin D, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, riboflavin, iron, benefits of amino acids, folate, and benefits of phosphorus.

Benefits Of Eggs

Therefore it is no wonder if egg consumption is highly recommended because it can bring various benefits to health. Starting from the formation of muscles, immune boosting, energy sources, health and beauty health and beauty of the skin, hair, eye health, to support bone health. One of the benefits of eggs is known for the establishment and development of the muscle where the egg into a menu mainstay for bodybuilders or people who want to have a nice body shape.

Benefits of eggs for the formation of a muscle powered by high protein content in the eggs. Therefore the actual egg consumption can also be replaced by consumption of food protein source such as the benefits of milk, tempeh, meat, chicken, and so on. The protein in eggs beneficial for repairing tissue damaged by exercises conducted on the muscles. In addition vitamin B12 in eggs is also very important to help destroy the fat on the body so the body shape you are getting a good deal.

So what's the best way to cultivate the egg. One of the recommended way is by boiling it because it does not involve additional oil as when fried which is precisely the calorie value will add to the eggs. Moreover, if the used cooking oil is not healthy and good quality oil. Thus will lower the value of the benefits of eggs and impacting less well for health.

The benefits of a raw egg to the muscles

Then what about the consumption of raw egg made by some people? So often we see people who are consuming raw eggs in the State, either directly or given additional material to another. What is more useful and have a higher nutrient content? The benefits of a raw egg to the muscles is also very good for health because of his nutritional content is more or less the same with hard boiled eggs so that the intake of protein your body needs would be sure in order to increase muscle mass. There are even some people who consume the egg white grains in raw state for the sake of getting a nice body.

But the benefits of a raw egg to the muscle also has a negative side, namely the possibility of salmonella bacteria content. These bacteria usually comes from the dirt on egg shells so that before processing the eggs is recommended for cleaning the shell beforehand so as not to mengontaminasi fill the egg. In addition the nutrients in the egg that has been cooked as boiled a body absorbed more easily than the nutrients in raw egg thereby encouraged better eating an egg that has been cooked. Good for the purpose of formation of muscle or other purposes.

The benefits of a raw egg to the muscle is very beneficial but considering its negative impact i.e. bacterial contamination should konsumsilah the egg that has been cooked properly. You get health benefits and to avoid the possibility of a negative impact of raw eggs. Moreover, in the formation of muscles needed a high protein intake which makes you have to consume more eggs so it must really watch out for kehigienisan and health food consumed.

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