20 Benefits of Arrowroot Flour for health

Arrowroot is one of the types of bulbs that have a Latin name Camellia Sasanqua and most Javanese people call it as Arrowroot. It is indeed the name of the foliage namely arrowroot. The benefits of arrowroot tubers much utilized as one of the foods that can also fills the stomach.

Nutrient Content Tubers Arrowroot

Arrowroot plant planting garden easily in the House, and usually will flourish and blossom when the rainy season. Arrowroot tubers which in ancient times was made secondary in food during famine  bulbs for health benefits, it also has a wide range of nutrient content that is also good for consumption. Some content within the tuber Arrowroot are: Protein, fiber, fat, starch, Ash, iron, Magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, potassium, B vitamins, Thiamine, Riboflavin and Folic as well. Although only used as food reserves, but the benefits of flour arrowroot is not inferior to other kinds of plants that are often consumed and have nutrient content.

The Benefits Of Arrowroot Starch For Health

Unlike the days of old, arrowroot is used to substitute food when famine, now it's been processed into arrowroot many processed foods and also processed into flour. Arrowroot flour itself is believed to have a range of benefits, so now it is widely sold in the market. It was not as popular as arrowroot flour, wheat flour and rice flour. However, the benefits of arrowroot flour is also in no less good with both types of flour. As for some of the benefits of arrowroot starch, among them:

Arrowroot Make Chewy Food

As benefits red rice flour, arrowroot starch much utilized as ingredients for processed foods. Arrowroot flour used as an ingredient for the manufacture of arrowroot flour food because food can become spongy. 

Arrowroot Addressing The Ulcer 

Blend the flour, arrowroot and milk can help overcome disease ulcer. The soft texture of the arrowroot flour can help relieve the motility and reduces the friction of the stomach. Arrowroot flour, so that it can be consumed ulcer sufferers because their texture is soft.

Arrowroot Overcoming Injuries

The use of arrowroot flour to the drug outside of IE can be utilized to overcome injuries. Add flour, arrowroot and water use on wounds can help speed up the healing of wounds. Give arrowroot flour on the wound will help speed up the healing cuts that occurred such as medicine to benefit cuts.

Arrowroot Overcome Poisoning

Arrowroot flour can be harnessed into drugs to tackle the poisoning. Arrowroot flour in content may help excrete substances that poison has entered into the digestive system. So that the body can escape from toxins and become more healthy.

Arrowroot Overcoming Diarrhea

The presence of bacterial causes of diarrhea can cause a deficiency of fluid when the body does not immediately resolved. One way of overcoming diarrhea in addition to using anti diarrhea and also young guava leaves, it also can be done by utilizing the benefits of arrowroot flour and ORS. Arrowroot flour is believed to be able to overcome various stomach problems, one of them diarrhea heal. Arrowroot flour to mix with water or milk can be a solution to diarrhea.

Arrowroot Launch Of Digestion

Not much different from content in arrowroot flour, arrowroot retains the content of fiber in it. Fiber in fiber functions like arrowroot starch in General, i.e. it serves to digestives.

Arrowroot Food Time Healing

When experiencing pain will surely experience a convalescence after illness. In the course of the healing the healing of the sick especially digestion, food consumed should be payed in order not to make the circumstances worse. One of the good food is consumed for patients in convalescence namely arrowroot flour. The soft texture is easy, arrowroot flour makes can be absorbed by the intestines.

Arrowroot Increase Energy

As with tubers arrowroot flour, arrowroot flour benefits and also have a variety of content in it is good for the body. Consume processed foods from arrowroot flour can also help increase energy, and meet the daily requirement.

Arrowroot Launched Blood Flow

Arrowroot flour in, there are deposits of iron content in bulbs like arrowroot. Same is the case with the function of iron in General, iron can help process red blood cells regeneration and can help unleash a flow of blood. The blood flow smoothly, then the body will be more fit and more healthy.

Arrowroot Maintaining Brain Health

Content of folic acid which is also contained in arrowroot flour is excellent for maintaining brain health. the benefits of folic acid helps the process of brain development and can also help improve concentration. So that it can improve memory and can also increase the intelligence of the brain.

Arrowroot Cope With Hemorrhoids

Not only helps to inhibit the diarrhea, arrowroot flour can also help cope with hemorrhoids. Arrowroot flour consuming which is mixed with water or milk and then wait a few moments can help launch a return Defecation (CHAPTERS) so that you can escape from hemorrhoids. You can also use the benefits leaves suji for hemorrhoids.

Arrowroot Increase The Durability Of The Body

The abundance of mineral content in arrowroot flour made in garut can help increase the body's durability. Arrowroot flour, in addition to consuming increased energy can also add stamina so good to live a daily activity.

Removing Scars

Arrowroot flour mixed with water can help speed up the healing of wounds. In addition to being used to heal wounds, arrowroot flour also has benefits for removing scars.

In addition to some benefits for health, arrowroot flour also has other benefits for everyday life.

Other Benefits Of Arrowroot Flour

In addition to its benefits for health, there are also other benefits of arrowroot flour that can be used in everyday life. Some of the benefits of arrowroot flour other include:

Arrowroot As Paper-Making Materials

The use of arrowroot flour can also be utilized in the manufacture of paper. Not only used for food and health, arrowroot starch slurry, which can also be utilized in the paper industry and utilized as an ingredient of making paper or cardboard.

Arrowroot As The Wall Board Materials

Arrowroot flour has strong durability. Arrowroot flour so that it is processed in such a way can be utilized as one of the ingredients in the making of the usual wall boards.

Arrowroot as Powder Materials

In the beauty industry, arrowroot flour is also very much used as the raw material manufacture powder. Arrowroot flour which is mixed with various other materials used to make cosmetics in the form of a powder is often used to beautify the appearance of any such benefits powder WB

Arrowroot Soap Making Ingredients

Not only to maintain the beauty of the face with the powder-making materials made of flour, arrowroot is also widely used for the manufacture of SOAP. Arrowroot flour has long been used as an ingredient of making SOAP because it has content that can clean up.

Arrowroot The Subject Of The Manufacture Of Glue

Strong adhesive strength when arrowroot flour is mixed with water, making flour, arrowroot was made one of the ingredients of making glue. The resulting glue from glue types such as arrowroot flour in General which can help to aggravate.

Arrowroot As Animal Feed

Besides being consumed by humans, starch or arrowroot flour can also be consumed by farm animals. But not a great flour given to farm animals. The dregs remaining flour manufacture garutlah which is used as animal feed such as the benefits of papaya leaves for cattle. Arrowroot starch dregs by mixing with other feed ingredients, flour, arrowroot fibers can be given to farm animals to feed.

Arrowroot Be Used As Fertilizer

Too much chemical fertilizer given to plants can cause damage to the ground and also affect the biological life in the rice fields. One solution: with a natural fertilizer or organic fertilizer as a conductor to make plants become lush. Not only is compost, fertilizer derived from natural ingredients namely arrowroot flour. Arrowroot flour can be used as fertilizer, but indeed the cost a bit.

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