5 day breakfast with this Menu You can Lose Weight, everything is delicious!

For people who are dieting, actually requires sports routine. In addition to sports, it takes everyday meal menu settings when you want optimal results. In addition to keeping food throughout the day, the most important is the breakfast should not be abandoned.

When once abandoned it will culminate in a day of so hungering failed diet because they have to eat more servings. The following is the breakfast menu that can lose your weight for five days. What's it?

1. The first day: bran flakes

For the first day, you can try the menu at that time. Remember to eat breakfast before 9 am in order to be transformed into the energy used during a day. The recipe is eating bran flakes about ¾ by adding pieces of bananas. Then, pour milk low fat as an energy Enhancer.

2. Day two: drinking juice blend

Breakfast the second day drinking enough juices that have ingredients like banana, Blueberry, and low fat milk. The juice of all these materials to produce a drink that is pretty rich. Must resist the urge to eat no more other than this drink huh?

3. Day three: oats and milk

Cook the oats using microwave that has been mixed with the milk before. However, make sure that the milk is low in fat so as not to accumulate fat in the abdomen. Once that is done in the microwave, remove and add the Apple pieces on top of the oats along with honey. Keep looks delicious isn't it?

4. Day four: only English Muffins

Toasted English Muffins or bread slices flat with horns-apples and cheese in the microwave. Be sure to bake in a short time so it doesn't overcook. If you want to add the flavor then add plain yogurt to top English Muffins last once removed from the microwave.

5. Day five: cheerios cereal

For the last day you can eat one bowl of cheerios by adding strawberries into it. Then, when you want to add the chopped almonds is also not a problem. His last step, add low fat milk into a bowl.

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