6 Benefits of Bitter Food for Digestive Health

Benefits of bitter foods are already well known in society. Bitter foods derived from vegetables is believed to increase appetite. Most people avoid and dislike the food with a bitter taste. Bitter foods that we often come across include, namely the papaya leaves, papaya leaves, sambiloto, pare, mustard greens, and much more. Although it has a bitter taste the vegetables also has many benefits for your health. The many benefits of bitter foods that we can feel for the body include the following:

1. Maintaining healthy gastrointestinal tract

Inside our body requires certain substances to process the digestion of the foods we eat, the substances can found in some foods taste bitter. In contrast to the benefits of fish sauce by eating bitter food can help to boost the production of enzymes in the body to digest the food so the food we eat will quickly be absorbed by our bodies.

2. Prevent diabetes

For foods that are particularly bitter melon has substance anti diabetic in the seeds. like a mother's tears flower benefit indirectly can treat and prevent diabetes.

3. Lose weight

Bitter foods consumed can help women who want to go on a diet, this is because the bitter taste of the foods contained in the sense of causing lazy to consume other foods so that it can serve to lose weight.

4. Contains minerals and vitamins that are high

In contrast with the sweet honey benefits of star fruit, vitamin and mineral content contained in the bitter food fair many examples are found in pare in pare there are vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, magnesium potassium and calcium.

5. Detoxify Toxins in the liver

In contrast to the benefits of jackfruit leaf landa consume bitter foods can help to eliminate toxins in the body or detoxification. The function of the liver or liver is to remove the toxins inside the body thus performance can help the liver to detoxify the body.

6. Beauty

Most women like to do with beauty. But there are still many who do not yet know if on the other hand there is bitter food benefits for skin beauty and her body. For example, bitter foods namely pare it tastes bitter it turned out that could help us to heal the wounds that exist in our bodies for example, fire scars, scars, scars smallpox scars and scars.

In contrast to the benefit processing cucumber and lime using pare to treat stubborn scar that is by cleaning up first, and then pare pare the eliminated seeds and small little cut or appropriate the next taste blended until smooth, after our new smooth strain pare to get sari pare. Then prepare bottles, perfume bottles or more and then take approximately half the contents of the bottle and then we add olive oil with more or less 2 spoons and Aloe Vera gel sparingly. Next beat in the herb and spray every 2 times in a day.

The many benefits of bitter foods above may be one of the reasons remain fond and consumption as a natural health solutions, still consult your health on a regular basis to avoid various diseases in the future. May be useful.

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