Avoid These 3 things when you're on a Diet

Weight be a problem a lot of people, especially women. Not a few of those who have this problem try hard to diet so that their appearance could be better with the ideal body weight.

However, it is a pity someone sometimes choose things that are not useful to the body for the sake of the diet itself. She is three things that call diet that is actually bad for effected:

Selective diet

This diet program is just recommend that you consume one type of food. Perhaps, in the beginning your weight will go down for a few days. However, you will definitely get bored if applying this constantly. Later You also you will also be tempted to eat your favorite foods and your weight will increase as they are.

Detox Diet

A detox diet is claimed will clean the impurities or toxins that stuck to the body. Whereas the body already has its own way to clean up the toxins that exist. Some health experts also appealed so carefully with a wide range of Detox diet.

Diet consume potions

A variety of herb is also often believed to be able to lose weight. Supplements, drugs or slimming tea be it someone who wants to dieting. When it all was not enough to make a slim body in no time.

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