Diet Hard? This Was Food For A Good Diet And You Can Try

Not everyone was pleased when on a diet. Even diet often just stay a discourse in the middle of the road, as tired or bored. And often, the biggest obstacle do the diet program is saturated with bland food that often feels in the mouth.

Not to mention, still just feel hungry while eating rice, and yet there are still many other factors that thwart one's diet program. Then, how about you? Whether you are wanting to diet?

No need to worry, here the food is delicious and healthy at the same time more hits, you can make a menu for the diet program.

1. Variety of Snacks from wheat

Could not be denied, snacks, snack as required after a heavy meal that accompanies time nor the time of busy activity. But precisely snacks often makes people fail on a diet because not all that healthy snacks.

However, when you cannot be separated from the snacks while not wanting to diet program is interrupted, you can choose healthy snacks work implemented from wheat. In addition to more healthy, whole grain snacks will also quickly fills. Because wheat protein and high fiber, so both are consumed during a diet.

2. Replace the rice with Mashed Potatoes

All well know, people Indonesia is identical with ' white ' rice as a staple food. But, eating white rice is not recommended for you who are on a diet because too much white rice contains glucose that is believed to be stockpiling of fat.

Instead, you can eat boiled potatoes are mashed. You can mix it with milk and cheese and seasoned with salt and pepper. In addition to the glut, mashed potatoes menu this will arouse Your appetite and diet program stay safe. 

3. Soup nuts

The nuts contain a high fat indeed. But it's not evil, but fats good fats rich in fiber and protein. Nuts can stabilize the metabolism in the body and reduce weight. These foods are also rich. Guaranteed, can prevent hunger during 3-4 hours. You can mix it in the soup.

4. Yogurt Mix Avocado

The material fermented foods such as yogurt is very good for consumption. Not only is it healthy, yogurt is also good for a healthy diet. Consuming yogurt is equal to eating fibrous foods because yogurt itself is also capable of waging the digestion.

You can also mix it with avocado. Because avocados contain carbohydrates and fats are good, so will the glut. Not only is the avocado, you can also mix the yogurt with a variety of other fruit to taste.

5. Tuna Salad

One bowl salad no longer contains the vegetables or fruits only. But, processed salad already made varied by mixing eggs, noodles, meats, fish, and nuts in it. Special tuna fish himself, foodstuffs from the results of the sea are high in protein and vitamins.

You can mix the tuna with a favorite salad. In addition, this salad is also good for health. So the diet program You will not be disturbed by a boring diet menu because it tastes delicious.

The diet smoothly with delicious food

In addition to eating healthy foods, eat-you should also routinely exercise to increase metabolism and burn fat. Create a menu of delicious diet and get a body ideal and healthy. Congratulations on running a diet program, good luck!

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