The Latest Study Says, A Healthy Diet Can Protect Your Hearing

Diet can affect the quality of hearing. It can be proved through research from Brigham Women's Hospital. Researchers assisted the nurses Health Study II of collecting medical records of the patient in the past women 70,699 22 years. 

From there, researchers analyze the diet pattern is applied and the relation to the function of the hearing. Three patterns are researched diet diet Mediterranean diet, DASH, diet and Alternative Healthy Eating Index (AHEI 2010) 2010. "The unique thing is, we found that women who apply the pattern of a healthy diet have a lower risk for exposed to hearing loss, good or bad are adequate," says Dr Sharo, epidemiology expert at the hospital, reported by the Times on Tuesday (15/5/2018). 

Based on the report published in the Journal of Nutrition, researchers found that the Mediterranean diet and reduced risk 30 percent DASH of hearing loss. He added, the right diet and the good is not only good for health. But it is also beneficial to the ears due to remain protected. Explanation of types of diets for the unknown, the recommended food during her Mediterranean diet vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and legumes. 

Chicken and meat are allowed whereas red meat and alcohol should be restricted. Any selected fat is unsaturated fats from olive oil and nuts. While the DASH diet is generally done the sufferers of hypertension. 

For adherents of this diet are only allowed to consume salt as much as 1500 mg – 2300 mg per day. Thus, blood pressure is expected to be down. Foods that may be consumed must be of low salt, full of fruit and vegetables, low fat dairy, and whole grains.

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