The wrong diet Increases weight loss

For you who are on a diet or want to look perfect, certainly with not eating is the right choice. But you know, it includes the wrong way. Even though we're looking to lose weight, eat regularly is the best way, and not holding out for not eating.

Diets abstained or restrict your calorie intake are strictly precisely will cause overweight. In a study done to 4,900 people aged 24-34 years Finland concluded, those who ate a regular diet history and thus more successful.

"Often, people try to prevent obesity and manage your excess weight with dieting and skipped meals. In the long run, such an approach only accelerates weight gain rather than prevent it, one of the researchers in this study.

Move active and healthy eating habits are important. However, more important is avoiding the kind of diet that just makes us want to eat more. For example, limit the intake of calories is very tight. 

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