This Six types of Food will make your bones strong in Pregnancy

As you know that during pregnancy, you really need a strong builder who functions as a medium to support the burden. Does consuming the following menu when you are pregnant will have a good effect on bone health and become strong?

The fetus contained in the uterus Mother during pregnancy needs a lot of calcium to support the frame consisting of bones to grow healthy and strong. Likewise, the Mother needs also the intake of Calcium to get strong and healthy bones just like a fetus in her womb. From this condition the fetus and mother will undergo a period of pregnancy with a feeling of comfort and avoid the condition of a weak body.

According to research conducted by the National Academy of Sciences, recommends that pregnant and lactating women need to consume at least 1000 mg of Calcium every day. This condition occurs because of the need for Calcium to be greater when the mother is pregnant compared to those who are not pregnant. Therefore the mothers who are more pregnant really need calcium-based food intake to meet the health criteria of both the fetus and mother.

Here we provide some healthy menus that you can consume as a source of Calcium during pregnancy, summarized from various news sources as follows:

Processed Low-Fat Milk Products

Research of health sites ' National Institutes of Health ' describes some processed low-fat dairy products for example is yogurt, cheese, and ice cream is very good is consumed by pregnant mothers in order to maintain the bone remains in strong and healthy condition.

Eating Anchovies On A Regular Basis

Anchovies contain lots of calcium which is important in maintaining bone health against mother – mother who was pregnant. The content of Calcium in it the same as the content of Calcium in a glass of milk.

Eating Almonds Are Tasty

Almonds are the healthiest nut between the many types of beans in this world. Almonds contain 12 percent Protein substance that is needed for healthy living every day as well as enriched by Vitamin E and Potassium, as good as a good source of calcium for fetal health and growth of pregnant women.

Dark Green Vegetables

Research explains that vegetables, dark green or dark green powerful serves to help moms – pregnant women in fulfillment of substances calcium and prevent them from the risk of the Sick affected by Osteoporosis. 

When the big, pregnant you can eat more Vegetable Fresh Broccoli, Kale and Bok Choy until you get sufficient amounts of nutrients intake which makes strong bones in the body burden of propping up an increasingly fat and weight by the fetus.

Eating Tofu With Routine

The substance named ' Phytoestrogens ' contained in a piece of raw substance structure know that resemble with ' Estrogen '. Where these substances are both clinically useful nice make maintaining healthy bones at the same time prevent the onset of Osteoporosis. 

Research shows that the substances ' Isoflavones ' contained in the grain of Soybean as the main ingredient to make know make potent boost bone mass in the body. With your routine just consuming 30 grams/1 ounce know means that you earn about 66 mg Isoflavones per each day. Well this good habits can help you to lower your risk of Osteoporosis Disease affected.

In addition to the menu at the top of the fifth that can help you make your bones strong while pregnant let alone during the first pregnancy, do not ever forget for the diligent consuming soy milk.

Soy milk contains adequate amounts of Vitamin D are recommended to be consumed by the pregnant mother, the need to drink 6 cups of soy milk for each day. Where when pregnant, women are more absorbing substances Calcium from food or supplements the compulsory than when they're not pregnant.

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