7 Keys to Losing Weight Without Exercise

Indeed exercise is important, it's just that when daily activities are crowded but want to lose weight, adding physical activity such as exercise is not the right choice. If you want a healthy way to lose weight without exercise, here are a few steps to unique diet.

Sleep enough

Sleeping on an average of at least 7.5 hours per night according to the results of the study seems to be very good in weight loss. Getting enough sleep is also a weapon in facing all tomorrow's activities; when enough rest, throughout the day we will not feel tired and fitness is maintained.

Monitor Calorie Intake

If you think losing weight with exercise that burns calories is difficult, then try to monitor for yourself how much calorie intake has been entered every day into the body. Maybe physically too tired to exercise? Why not focus on limiting calorie intake from food alone?

There are various easy smartphone applications now that can help plan a nutritious balanced daily menu as part of healthy diet tips. Because for adult women the average intake of calories needed is 2000 calories and an adult male is 2500 calories, so make sure the calorie content in your diet is nothing more than that.

Motivation Before Eating

Maybe you are tempted by potato chips and want to eat them? Or maybe you want to snack on sweet  for example? Try asking yourself why you want to eat these foods. Is your day not good? Is it stressed? Or just as a friend watching TV?

There are also various feelings that are misinterpreted as hunger when it isn't. If you are lonely, angry, sad, stressed or want to reminisce with a food, eating foods that contain saturated fats and high trans fats can indeed make your mood better, but remember the consequences.

Limiting or Avoiding Alcoholic and Carbonated Drinks

Some people really like drinking drinks that contain alcohol and soda, whether it's because they are fond of them or as an escape from a bad mood. It is important to know how to limit it or avoid it when you want to lose weight, then replace it with natural fruit juice drinks such as fruit and vegetable combination smoothies.

Add Intake of Healthy Fat, Fiber and Protein

To be able to reduce or at least maintain a stable body weight, the body needs the most basic nutrients, namely minerals, vitamins, proteins and healthy fats. For the fulfillment of protein, boiled eggs and also lean beef, while healthy fats can be obtained from almonds and avocados (without additional sweeteners, yes).

Eating almonds and avocados that are healthy fatty will also be able to reduce the risk of high triglycerides or overcome triglycerides which levels have already surged. While vegetables that are good for providing maximum and natural fiber intake are zucchini and broccoli.

Avoid Sweet Drinks and Junk Food

Without exercise, food must be truly guarded when you want to reach your ideal body weight. If you are a lover of junk food and foods that contain high carbohydrates such as rice, cereals, pasta and bread, be sure to consume it once a week.

The danger of eating sweet and consuming high-sugar drinks not only increases the risk of toothache, but also triggers blood sugar levels to soar so that the potential for diabetes rises. So, make sure to drink healthy drinks, especially water, and multiply your intake of fruits, vegetables and oatmeal.

Hydration of the Body with Water

Thirst is also often misinterpreted as a sign of hunger, so many people who are not aware actually choose to eat rather than drink. If you feel like eating even though it's not time to eat, try consuming a glass of water or at least two glasses. Not only keep your stomach full, drinking enough water will also keep you away from dehydration, you know.

It is not impossible to lose weight without doing exercise, but make sure that other lifestyles are correct. Hopefully some of these tips can help as a way to manage your weight effectively, good luck.

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