7 Signs That Your Body Has Excess Sugar

Sugar is a source of energy for the body. But if consumed in excess, it certainly will not provide any benefits for health. One disease that is closely related to high sugar consumption is diabetes mellitus.

In diabetes mellitus, the pancreas is damaged so it cannot produce insulin according to the body's needs. If not treated properly, this diabetes mellitus can trigger various complications in other organs. Starting from the eyes, heart, to the kidneys.

For that, start now to limit your sugar consumption. According to the American Heart Association, the limit for additional sugar consumption for men is 36 grams, equivalent to 9 teaspoons, while for women 24 grams or the equivalent of 6 teaspoons.

If you are not sure whether you have consumed too much sugar or not, you might be able to observe the following signs. If you experience some of them or even all of them, your body may have excess sugar.

Not ideal body weight

Eating too much sugar can significantly increase your weight. If left unchecked, you can get obese which then triggers various metabolic disorders. One of them is diabetes mellitus.

When you have diabetes mellitus, weight can suddenly drop dramatically for no apparent reason even though you eat quite a lot. This happens because insulin levels are not able to metabolize glucose, so the body switches to fat burning to maintain cell metabolism.

Feeling thirsty and dry mouth

People who consume too much sugar will feel thirsty even though they often drink. The mouth also feels dry and often goes to the toilet to urinate.

That is because your kidney function is disrupted shortly after the body is unable to control blood sugar. Fluid that should be absorbed back by the kidneys, actually comes out with sugar. This condition ultimately makes you lack of fluids and frequent urination.

Fast tired and difficult to concentrate

The sugar that enters the body will be converted into an energy source if the amount is reasonable. If the amount of sugar consumed is excessive, it will damage the work of insulin so that it cannot turn it into energy.

The brain needs glucose to function properly, which is 25% of the total body needs. Now, when excess glucose cannot be used as energy, the brain is most affected. You can get tired quickly and have difficulty concentrating.

Easy acne

What is the relationship between acne and sugar consumption? Very related! Excess sugar can trigger hormonal imbalances, which will facilitate the appearance of zits.

That is because a high intake of sugar can increase blood sugar and insulin levels quickly. This condition will cause an increase in oil production and inflammation, all of which play a role in the appearance of zits.

Mood swing

If you are often irritable and bad mood for no apparent reason, you may consume too much sugar. Have you ever heard of sugar crashes? When blood sugar rises and falls rapidly due to sugar consumption, it turns out this condition can cause weakness, mood swings, and brain fog.

In addition, the excess consumption of sugar is also considered to worsen anxiety symptoms and interfere with the body's ability to deal with stress.

Blurred vision
One of the organs affected when glucose is not able to be distributed is the eye organ. As a result, you can experience complaints of blurred vision.

On the other hand, the connection between diabetes and eye disorders does exist. Diabetic retinopathy is the most common eye disorder in people with diabetes. In this condition, the retina develops abnormalities in the form of bleeding spots. This makes the eye's ability to see will decrease slowly.

Addicted to sweet foods and drinks

Research shows that sugar can make addiction like drugs. People who consume too much sugar will get used to sweet taste, so they always want it even to addiction.

That is a sign that your body is over sugar. If you experience one or more of the signs above, you must be more vigilant. Begin to reduce the consumption of sweet intake and check your blood sugar levels to the laboratory. If necessary, consult with a doctor.

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