Already Have A Diet Program But You Often Fail? This Is The Reason!

Nowadays there are so many dieting methods that are emerging, some are healthy, but some are bad for health. Talking about a healthy diet, some people do succeed and can lose weight. But some of them actually failed even though they had undergone it correctly. Then what's wrong? Here are reasons why a person's diet can fail which is very important to note.

1. Lack of Drinking

In addition to preventing dehydration, drinking enough water can also help make the diet successful. Water can reduce digestive disorders, speed up the metabolic process and provide a sense of satiety so that you can delay hunger before meals arrive. So don't forget water therapy to help smooth your diet program.

2. Eat Lots After Exercising

When exercising we throw away many calories so that after the exercise is finished it is very easy to feel hungry. This is normal, and we should eat with adequate nutrition. But don't eat too much because of that hunger. Instead, choose fiber-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables to reduce calorie intake.

3. Sleep Deprivation

Lack of sleep makes the body produce more hormone cortisol which plays a role in regulating appetite. So lack of sleep can cause a person to consume more food than usual. Try to sleep at the beginning of each night and try not less than 8 hours.

4. Lack of exercise

Going on a diet without regular exercise will certainly hinder a successful diet program. Adjusting your diet is not enough to lose weight quickly. The body still needs physical activity that can burn calories quickly so that fat in the body quickly decreases. Lack of exercise also makes the body unhealthy, so make it a habit to exercise for at least 20 minutes every day.

5. Experiencing Stress

Unwittingly, stress can also prevent weight loss while dieting. When we are experiencing stress, the body will experience increased levels of the hormone Neuropeptida Y (NPY) which actually inhibits weight loss. Try doing fun activities to deal with the stress that is felt.

6. Consuming Excess Salt

Eating pickles or foods that contain lots of salt can also frustrate your diet program. In fact, salt can prevent a person from feeling full so that the person becomes overeating and causes a distended stomach. Therefore, avoid salt in the diet so that the diet quickly succeeds.

Taking tips on a healthy diet is very necessary so that the body is protected from obesity and still feels fit. But some of the reasons above need to be avoided so that the diet can succeed. So in addition to paying attention to the food eaten, it is also necessary to pay attention to habits that are carried out everyday because everything can have an impact on the diet program.

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