Can Consumption of Salt Cause Gout?

Spicy and salty taste can increase your appetite. Unfortunately, besides being able to cause hypertension, salty food due to the high consumption of salt is thought to trigger gout! Is that correct? Or perhaps, there are other main factors hiding behind salt-rich foods?

According to Dr. Sepri, there are other factors hiding behind salty foods that are rich in salt, namely purine. "Actually it's not the salt that triggers gout. Purines play a big role in triggering gout, "said Dr. Sepri.

Explained, purines are usually found in nuts and offal. "Both foods are usually cooked with lots of salt to make it delicious and not fishy (on innards and red meat / seafood)," said Dr. Sepriani.

Purines, gout, and kidney pain
Purines are a type of protein found in food and various body cells. Well, according to Dr. Alvi, uric acid is the end result of purine metabolism.

If the amount in the body is too much, uric acid can accumulate in the body's tissues and form monosodium urate crystals (uric acid crystals). Gout sufferers also have the potential to experience various types of diseases, one of which is kidney disease (kidney stones).

"Kidney disease caused by gout or buildup of urate crystals can occur through several different mechanisms," said Dr. Alvi.

The first mechanism, urate crystal levels settle in kidney tissue and cause direct injury to the kidneys. As for the second mechanism, the deposition of uric acid will form kidney stones resulting in disruption of the flow in the kidneys.

Impact of high levels of uric acid in the body

Often and lots of high-purine foods can also cause gout (acute joint inflammation) and heart and blood vessel disease. Gout usually occurs in the big toe joint and the pain usually occurs at night. Someone with heart failure and high uric acid levels have a higher risk of death.

"Therefore, people with heart disease are always advised to check their uric acid levels too," Dr. Alvin explained.

Apart from high salt intake which can or cannot cause gout, eating excess salty foods is not good for the body. If salted spices are mixed with foods that contain high purines, the problem of hypertension and gout together is targeting you.

When experiencing gout, it is indeed quite a lot of food that you must avoid if you don't want uric acid levels to rise. Consume foods that you should avoid so that uric acid is not high, including:

Red meat
Seafood (tuna, shrimp, lobster and shellfish)
Cassava leaves

To remove uric acid from the body, multiply the consumption of water. Target to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day so that uric acid does not settle in the body. Stay away from high fructose drinks that are usually found in soda water or packaged fruit juice that is not fresh. That way, you can avoid gout problems that can inhibit your body movements and your daily activities.

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