Healthy Eating Tips After a Stroke Attack

For those of you who have had a stroke, it is compulsory to maintain a diet. With a healthy diet, the work of your cardiovascular system will be better. In addition, it will also have an impact on cholesterol and blood pressure.

Setting the diet is very important to prevent the stroke from attacking again later on. To regulate a healthier diet for stroke patients - especially after experiencing a stroke - you should consult a nutritionist.

Healthy eating tips after a stroke
Explained by Dr. Mega, that the actual arrival of a stroke is basically preventable. According to Dr. Ega, one of the easiest and simplest ways, but being able to reduce the risk of this deadly disease is eating the right foods.

Below is a guide to healthy eating that can be done for stroke patients.

1. Reducing saturated fat.

The basic goal is to reduce the amount of saturated fat in the diet to 8-10 percent of your total calories. This can be done by:

Avoid pure milk, try skim milk or nonfat milk
Don't eat fatty meat, replace it with fish
Don't eat chicken that still has skin

2. Avoid overall fat

Fat intake must be reduced to less than 30 percent of your daily calorie intake. Some of the methods you need to do are:

Use the method of steaming, boiling or baking food, and avoid frying
Take a low-fat or fat-free salad
Avoid high-fat foods, such as butter

3. Reducing cholesterol consumption

Keep your cholesterol intake below 300 milligrams a day. The way you can do is:

Reduce meat and dairy products
Eat more vegetables, fruits, and seeds
Avoid egg yolks and liver

4. Limit salt consumption

High blood pressure is a risk factor for stroke. And, salt consumption is directly related to high blood pressure. One way to help reduce the risk of stroke is to keep a salt intake of less than 2,400 milligrams per day. You can use a type of salt-free seasoning, such as spices, lemons, or lime to spice up food.

Challenge after stroke

When in a stroke recovery process, you may not have the energy or desire to cook or to eat. Some stroke sufferers will even find it difficult to chew and swallow after a stroke.

However, there are some tips that you can try to make it easier for a healthy diet during the stroke recovery period, including:

Make a big meal plan when you have energy.

Ready to prepare bags containing pieces of fruit and / or vegetables that have been washed and ready to be cooked or consumed.

Try to eat softer foods, such as scrambled eggs, whole-grain cereals, yogurt or soup.

For stroke patients, it is not easy to switch to a healthy diet drastically. However, this needs to be done so that you don't have another stroke later on. You can apply this diet in your daily diet. If you succeed in running the diet above, also follow with exercise regularly, enough rest time, and manage stress well.

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