Lazy Drinking Water Triggers Sore Throat?

Many people think that if you drink less water, you will get sore throat. Is that opinion correct? Inflammation of the throat, or in the medical language of pharyngitis, occurs when the throat is inflamed. This disease is usually triggered by a viral or bacterial infection.

According to Dr. Dyah, this infection is generally acute and attacks the windpipe. The symptoms of sore throat that are often experienced are as follows:

Pain when swallowing


There is a lump in the neck area


There is blood in saliva

"Viruses are the most common cause of sore throat. Usually sore throat is caused by a viral infection such as flu, influenza, or mononucleosis, "said Dr. Dyah.

Although rare, strep throat can also be triggered by a bacterial infection. Frequent exposure to colds and flu can increase the risk of sore throat, especially for people who work in the health sector, people with allergies, and people with sinus infections.

Lazy drinking and its relation to pharyngitis
Then, is it true that strep throat can be caused by a lazy habit of drinking water?

"If it specifically causes sore throat, it doesn't. During this time, if you don't drink enough, it will make dehydration. Most often, if you don't drink enough, your throat will become dry," said Dr. Sepri.

"It's just that, if you drink less and become dehydrated it can increase your risk of getting sore throat. And indeed, dehydration can cause inflammation everywhere," he continued.

Other causes of sore throat

Yes, the main cause of sore throat is bacterial and viral infections. However, there are other causes that are sometimes overlooked by many according to Dr. Dyah, like:

1. Allergy

Sore throat can occur when allergies attack. "Types of allergies that can be a cause include dust, pollen, or exposure to pet hair," said Dr. Dyah.

2. Smoking

Cigarette smoking and exposure to cigarette smoke can trigger inflammation in the throat. "If you are a smoker and often experience sore throat, it could be caused by your smoking habits. So it's better to immediately stop the habit," Dr. Dyah suggested.

3. Exposure to chemicals

Chemicals are also quite dangerous for sore throat. Exposure to chemicals, such as household chemicals that are burned, can cause irritation to your throat.

4. Consumption of alcohol

Eating alcohol, especially excessive, can dry the throat area. If you don't balance it by drinking enough water, it can cause sore throat.


Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is a digestive disorder due to an increase in stomach acid to the throat area. "If an increase in stomach acid often occurs, it can irritate the tissues and trigger inflammation of the throat," explained Dr. Dyah.

Basically, drinking water is good for overall health. Besides being good for the throat, it will also prevent you from dehydration. Although not directly causing inflammation of the throat, drinking water remains useful for the health of the body. So make sure you drink enough water every day.

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