Like to Eat Fried Food Can Trigger Sore Throat?

Fried is one of the favorite snacks of Indonesians. Want morning, afternoon or night, food wrapped in flour and processed by frying using a lot of oil (deep frying) that seems never absent from the dining table. However, you must be careful of fried foods. Because the food is often considered the culprit of sore throat.

Yes, not a few people think that fried foods are the main cause of sore throat. How about you? Do you believe this assumption? Fried and sore throat
According to Dr. Sepri, fried food in deep frying (in this case fried food) does not cause direct inflammation of the throat.

"Usually, fried foods are consumed when they are still hot so they taste crunchy and delicious. "The extreme temperature of hot fried food is what ultimately irritates the throat," explained Dr. Sepri.

When it's irritated, continued Dr. Sepri, then the throat wall will be hurt. This situation makes the virus or bacteria more easily infect. As a result, inflammation of the throat arises.

"That's why someone is more advised to eat food or drinks that are warm, not hot. Because hot food or drinks can actually irritate, "Dr. Sepri added.

So, as already mentioned, the main cause of strep throat is not fried. Instead, bacterial or viral infections of the throat wall are injured, for example due to exposure to hot-temperature food.

"The bacteria that often attacks the throat to make it inflamed are Streptococcus pyogenes and group A Streptococcus. While the virus that can trigger sore throat is rhinovirus, adenovirus, and influenza," said Dr. Sepri.

Solution to sore throat
If you already have strep throat until you complain of high fever, Dr. Atika from recommends that you go to the doctor immediately to get the right treatment. The list of drugs that can help treat severe sore throat, including:


In order for the fever to occur not to interfere with rest, sufferers of strep throat can take an antidemic drug in the form of paracetamol or ibuprofen which is prescribed by a doctor. With these drugs, the bed rest can be optimized so that the recovery time can take place more quickly.


If it is caused by a bacterial infection, people with strep throat are required to take antibiotics. This type of drug should only be used under the supervision of a doctor. Without recommendations and prescriptions from your doctor, you may not buy or consume them independently, so that later you will not experience antibiotic allergies or antibiotic resistance.

Suction tablet consumption

To help relieve and relieve sore throat, people with strep throat can suck on a special tablet given by a doctor. By sucking, the movement will stimulate the production of saliva and the active ingredient in the tablet will coat the throat wall.

For maximum treatment, sore throat sufferers must rest fully. In addition, people with sore throat are also highly recommended to increase consumption of water and avoid foods that have the potential to irritate the throat, such as hot fried foods.

Indeed, fried foods do not directly cause inflammation of the throat. However, you should start reducing food consumption from now on. Because, eating too much fried food with lots of oil (deep frying) has the potential to cause cardiovascular disease, such as high blood pressure (hypertension), heart disease, heart attack, and stroke.

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