Low Calorie Diet? These 10 Dangers of Lack of Calories for Health

Calories are one of the nutrients needed by the body. Many foods are high in calories, and some foods are low in calories. High-calorie foods such as rice and flour. While low-calorie foods are potatoes and beans.

Calorie benefits are very much especially for the health of the body. The several benefits of calories for the body are as follows

Helping child development

Helps grow children

Balance weight

Helps maintain body metabolism

Helps provide energy to the body

Helps kill bacteria in the body

Maintain weight to stay ideal and no less

Maintain digestion

That is the benefit that will be obtained from calories. That's why calories are needed by the body. With the need for calories in the body, you need to maintain that the body does not lack calories. For that, let's look further at the danger of lack of calories. The dangers of calorie deficiency are as follows:

1. Development of children will be disrupted

The danger of lack of calories is one that can disrupt the development of children, this is due to basically calories will shape the body's metabolism so that if the metabolism in the body is balanced, it will balance and simplify the child's development process.

Development is the process of changing a person from a baby to children, adolescents, adults, and old age. Usually developments are characterized by qualitative changes and biologically visible changes.

2. Child growth will be disrupted

In addition to the development that is impaired due to lack of calories, growth in children can also be disrupted. This is the same as a disorder that will disrupt development.

3. Unbalanced weight

Usually a person on a calorie diet because it is too fat, or because he really wants to idealize the body. However, if consuming calories is very limited and even barely consume it can even cause unbalanced weight. Even with a lack of weight can cause the body to become weak and make it easier for bacteria to enter the body. So as to facilitate the disease to come.

Indeed, calories are highly recommended for those who want to have an ideal body with a calorie diet. But to go on a diet, follow the tips of a healthy diet so that your body does not fall victim to the diet. A healthy diet is not only by reducing calories, but a healthy diet can also be done with diet fines. Because fitness can help burn calories in the body.

4. Causes various diseases

It has been explained that calories can help in maintaining the body's metabolism so that it will also help in the development and growth of children. In addition, the body's metabolism is needed to protect themselves to avoid various kinds of diseases that will attack the body if the immune system is not properly maintained.

5. Psychological conditions decline

Basically, this decreased psychology very often occurs when a person has an illness. This often causes people who suffer from serious illnesses to go down psychologically more often. Even though psychology and a sense of calm affect the speed and healing of someone in the process of healing the disease.

This condition can continue to make mental health disturbed, so there is a need for psychological therapy for mild depression if mental health begins to be disrupted. Living with an ideal body is indeed everyone's dream, but you know it's better if we can be grateful for what we have.

6. Body metabolism decreases

Basically the body's metabolism will decrease if there are not enough calories in the body. The result will cause disease to be easily attacked. Decreased metabolism can cause metabolic disorders, many types of metabolic disorders that can interfere with the health of the body. So metabolic health needs to be maintained properly.

7. Don't have calm

Calories are needed to provide energy to the body. Energy in the body will help to provide energy and facilitate activity in the body. If calories are lacking and not in the body, eating will create an atmosphere that is weak and not powerful. In activities everything can be disrupted

8. The body is easily weak

The body becomes easily weak if you don't have enough calories. Even when one often consumes a lot of carbohydrates and suddenly has to stop carbohydrates such as fasting for the beginning of the beginning will feel weak and lethargic. The following tips for dealing with limp body include doing yoga and diligent exercise

9. Easy to enter bacteria

Of course bacteria will easily enter when the body does not have a strong metabolism. For this reason, metabolism and immunity are very important to maintain good health

10. Digestion will be disrupted

Indigestion has various kinds, such as stomach acid, intestinal disorders and so on. If the caloric needs are not fulfilled this can happen seriously.

That is the danger of lack of calories that will occur in your body. Usually a person who reduces calories is a person on a calorie diet. Therefore, even if you want to keep on calorie diet, choose foods that are good for health. Keep on consuming calories but don't exceed the set diet limit.

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