Recognize 5 Characteristics of Healthy Food for Our Body

Having a good diet is the key to a healthier life. Commemorating the National Health Day which falls in mid-November, the Ministry of Health also invites people to live a healthy lifestyle, through a healthy diet.

We are advised that in one serving, vegetables and fruits should have a portion of half the portion of each dish. Meanwhile, half of the other dishes are filled with staple food sources of carbohydrates and side dishes that contain lots of protein.

Choosing healthy food is easy and difficult. Here are the characteristics of healthy foods:

1. Still the same - at least similar - to the original form in nature. Still has the texture, color, and shape as the original in nature.

2. It still contains all the good that should be contained in the food, such as antioxidants, enzymes, and fiber in vegetables and fruit, epidermis and rice bran on rice grains that are not polished and ratified.

3. No need to label the composition list, because it does not need justification for the raw material content that is not natural.

4. Does not cause consumer addiction, because natural food is basically fulfilling needs.

5. Will not last long in storage, especially if stocked in conditions that are not suitable, without refrigeration for example.

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