Seeing the benefits of Curcuma in Lowering Cholesterol

Ginger is known to have great benefits for health, not least for lowering high cholesterol. High cholesterol levels have been proven to be a risk factor for coronary heart disease.

Not only heart disease, high cholesterol can cause an increased risk of stroke events. Let's see more about the benefits of this one traditional concoction.

Benefits of Curcuma for Cholesterol

Many people, including you, must be familiar with the benefits of ginger for health, such as to reduce inflammation of the liver and increase appetite. However, curcuma also has good benefits in reducing cholesterol levels.

Curcuma is expected to be a good alternative to reduce cholesterol levels, one of which is due to relatively fewer side effects. Statin therapy that is commonly used to reduce cholesterol levels has side effects in the form of liver disorders. While ginger has a protective effect on the liver, thus the hepatoprotector effect of curcuma supports the use of statins.

However, the use of curcuma in reducing cholesterol levels still requires further research.

How to reduce cholesterol

Decreasing cholesterol levels involves various factors that need to be changed simultaneously. Therefore, traditional medicines or herbs are only one way to reduce cholesterol levels. If you hope your cholesterol will drop only by drinking ginger herbs, then your assumption is wrong.

Eat low-fat foods, exercise regularly, and reduce stress in life to fight high cholesterol levels. If you have made various modifications to the lifestyle, then the effect of ginger in reducing cholesterol levels is expected to be more visible.

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