Simple Ways to Maintain Mental Health to Avoid Stress

Routines often make us depressed, especially with work or family problems that don't end. Of course this can cause mental stability to be disturbed, and if left unchecked it can significantly reduce mental health. In addition to increasing the level of faith in the heart, it turns out there are some simple ways we can do to maintain mental health so that we can avoid stress.

Go out

When fatigue hits, try to take a moment, at least 10 minutes to go out. You can choose a park, the edge of the lake or any place you like to calm down and breathe in the fresh air. This method proved effective enough to reduce stress and re-clear the mind, also able to restore energy in the body so that we are ready to go back to activities.

Doing a Favorite Hobby

Everyone must have their own hobbies, and this can be one way to deal with super-powerful stress. No one hates his own hobby, because when he is free, try to do hobbies that are loved so that the mind becomes more relaxed. His hobbies will make his mind happy and momentarily forget the burden of thoughts that can damage mental health.

Smiling and More Friendly

Impressive trivial, but getting used to smiling can prevent stress. When smiling, the body will reflexively release the hormone of happiness so that the feeling calmer without burden. Likewise if we are more friendly and happy to greet others, then self-confidence will increase and make ourselves more ready to undergo the routine. So, from now on try to greet others when meeting or passing on the road, and don't forget to give your best sincere smile to help improve mood.


Routine meditation is proven to be able to prevent stress, relax the mind and improve one's mental health. No need to linger doing it if you don't have much free time. Simply meditating for 5 minutes per day but routinely, can make us avoid stress. Meditation is indeed good because it is soothing and can also nourish the body.

Healthy Lifestyle

Maybe some people feel heavy if they have to apply a healthy lifestyle, even though there is nothing difficult if we want to do it. One thing that can be done is to routinely exercise and consume healthy foods. Exercise will help balance hormones in the body and suppress stress hormones. While healthy foods like fruits and vegetables that are high in antioxidants can help improve the functioning of organs so that they can prevent diseases that can cause stress.

The method above is quite simple and easy to do, and indeed it has been proven to prevent symptoms of stress and depression from appearing. The most important thing is to always have a positive mind and maintain a healthy body so that the mind is not burdened with things that should not be considered.

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