Take a look at 10 Healthy Foods After Jogging That Restores Your Power

Jogging is a type of exercise that is simple but quite effective in burning calories. But every time after running, you need to eat the right foods with balanced nutrition so that you can support your health. Here it is healthy food after running exercises that will prevent muscle injury, restore muscle faster, and make your body more energetic.

Open Sandwich with Berry Fruit and Peanut Butter

After exercise you can smear 2 pieces of whole wheat bread with enough peanut butter, then each of you give strawberry, blueberry, or other berry-an toppings to taste. Besides being delicious, of course this food makes you more energized even though you have run long enough.

Quinoa Mix Vegetables and Mushrooms

Quinoa is a substitute for white rice and can be an alternative to brown rice that you can make and eat with vegetables according to taste. Spinach, broccoli, and additional basil leaves or other types of green vegetables that are rich in fiber you can use. Do not forget, add also enough mushrooms as desired.

Bean Sprout Salad

Bean sprouts can also be a food choice after running, whether it's in the morning, afternoon or evening. You can make a bean sprout salad with a mixture of bean sprouts, spinach leaves, and cucumber flavored with cumin powder and black pepper, a little salt until you add a little lime if you like.


Besides being good for heart health, oatmeal is the right choice to become a weight loss food. However, taking oatmeal after exercise will also provide energy as well as a feeling of fullness longer so that you are not tempted to snack on foods that contain high saturated fat.

Make sure you have heated ½ cup of milk in a small pan, add instant oatmeal as much as 2 tablespoons or if you want more (just adjust the ingredients). Stir until cooked and lift and pour in bowl. You can provide enough honey, almonds and favorite berries.

Chocolate milk

If you do not want the complicated, chocolate milk is enough to help you recover without having to eat a lot while increasing calcium intake. Drink 200 ml of chocolate milk or the equivalent of 1 cup where you can also add cinnamon powder and almond powder if you want and like it.

Low Fat Yogurt

If you do running to lose weight, then there's nothing wrong with consuming low-fat yogurt as a healthy food. Mix the ½ cup low fat yogurt with honey one tablespoon, then eat it by adding your favorite berries to make it more delicious.

Tuna Sandwich

If previously a sandwich with peanut butter and berry fruit has been recommended, this time you need to consider a tuna sandwich that is also mixed with enough avocado slices and sliced ​​shallots. For lunch or breakfast you can consume 2 sheets of whole wheat bread which is made into a tuna sandwich.

Green Vegetable Chicken

You can consume cooked chicken to taste as well as seasoned with salt, honey, lime juice and pepper in a bowl. Mix evenly and you can also add a variety of boiled green vegetables to eat with the chicken meat, whether it's for lunch or dinner.

Banana Pancakes

Breakfast that is not only filling but also healthy after another running exercise is a banana pancake. You can give banana slices on top of the finished pancakes after smearing enough pancakes with honey to taste. For the most recommended portion, you can eat a maximum of 3 banana pancakes.

Almond Milk

You can prepare a cup of milk, then mix with a spoonful of honey tea which is then added with some crushed almonds. Not consumed individually, but you can mix the results of crushed almonds into milk, stir and you can consume them as a breakfast menu.

Those are some healthy food menus after running that you can consume to restore muscle health that is already tired and at the same time prevent you from extreme fatigue. For those of you who are still beginners in running, you can try consuming healthy foods or take references from a list of low-calorie foods.

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