These Are Five Healthy Foods That Can Support Mental Health

Healthy food for the body is indeed very much and there are also foods that can prevent you from attacking various types of diseases. Having a healthy body is the ideal of everyone and a healthy body condition can be obtained by maintaining the food that enters the body, the better the food that enters the body, the better the health condition.

By consuming food, the human body will have the energy to carry out daily activities and one of the diseases most avoided by humans is psychiatric disorders, because this condition is very torturous. There are some foods that are good for mental health and should be consumed regularly. The following are healthy foods for mental health:


Fish is a food that should be consumed regularly, because fish has a very high content of omega-3 and based on various studies conducted by fish medicine is very good for human mental health. fish is also a very easy to get food and fish that are often found in the market such as sardines, salmon, carp and other fish.


Wheat is a healthy food to consume regularly and consuming wheat also does not cause side effects, as long as it is consumed with the right portion, not too much. Wheat contains carbohydrates that are very healthy for the body and wheat is now available in various supermarkets which certainly have more hygienic packaging.


Eating vegetables is a very healthy thing for the body, especially the vegetables consist of green plants and amino acid content in vegetables proven to control the production of hormones in the body. There are some green vegetables that are popular in the community such as spinach, mustard greens, broccoli, kale and turnips. Vegetables being foods that contain many health benefits for the body and vegetables can also make digestive conditions better.


Strawberry fruit is indeed a food that is very suitable for use as a dessert and berries is believed to be able to nourish one's health condition. Strawberry is also famous for its sweet taste and can make the mouth fresh. Not only that this fruit can also be obtained in many places at affordable prices.


Yogurt is one of the fermented foods that are very popular in Indonesia and these foods have many ingredients that are good for the body. Not only that this food is also useful to prevent psychiatric diseases and the content of yogurt can kill various bacteria that will attack body organs.

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