These Are The Six Foods That We Often Eat Accidentally And Cause Gastric Acid

Gastric acid is often experienced by some people. Even though gastric acid disease is often experienced by some people, this disease is definitely going to be very dangerous. People with gastric acid often feel some symptoms that are felt such as nausea, heartburn, bloating, vomiting and other digestive disorders.

This rising stomach is a condition where excess stomach acid will rise from the stomach to the throat. Usually stomach acid increases due to unhealthy eating styles. The 6 types of foods that cause stomach acid are

Fried Food

Keep in mind that foods are cooked in a way that is like fried food requires a long time to be digested in digestion. Due to the length of the digestive process which eventually causes the production of gastric acid to become overwhelming. This condition is a rising stomach acid, because you consume it a lot.

Therefore we may be able to consume fried foods because it is not ideal for food, but we also need to control the means not to overeat.

Spicy Food

It is food that has spicy flavor is quite popular foods, for some people who have spicy taste will make their appetite increase. But of course you need it because of spicy foods can cause stomach acid. Where if we eat too much spicy, there will be accumulation of acid which causes the stomach acid to rise.


Who doesn't know chocolate, foods that are sweet and trusted make the mood return. But it turns out chocolate is one of the foods that is consumed in stomach acid in the body. This is caused by caffeine, fat and the cocoa content which can cause re flux.


If you are a lover, this should not remain vigilant because broccoli contains a lot of fiber which will make the digestive system more producing gas which can trigger heartburn.

High-fat meat

Although meat is a type of perfectly healthy food, it will cause cholesterol, such as pigs and cows in the digestive process, this will cause re-flux. Therefore you limit the consumption of meat so that it is not too stomach acid to rise.


The tomato are fruits that contain malice acid, which is if it is very popular with the health and beauty which is quite popular with the community. can be consumed in large quantities increase stomach acid.

That is the type of food that causes you to avoid stomach acid disease that you suffer from. even by avoiding these foods you can slowly recover from Gastric acid disease.

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