These Foods Effective in Cleaning Plaques in Blood Vessels

Many strokes that we encounter around us are caused by a blockage of blood flow by a pile of plaques in blood vessels. If someone has a lot of bad fat from the food consumed, then the bad fat will be absorbed and follow the blood flow so that it can cause sediment by sediment in the inner lining of the blood vessels. In the end the deposits are thickened to interfere with the blood flow, even until they are blocked.

This plaque arises due to poor consumption of daily food patterns, many containing bad fats. But there is good news for us, because it turns out the following 3 foods are effective at cleaning up plaques in blood vessels. What are these foods? Read more below:


Avocado, originally from Mexico, can now be found in our country. It has soft textured flesh with light yellow and is known as the healthiest fruit in the world. This is due to the high content of unsaturated fats in avocados. Consuming unsaturated fats from avocados is of course very good for fighting bad fats that exist in our bodies.

Eating avocados also should not be excessive because if you consume them too much can give side effects that are harmful to health. One of the avocado's side effects is that it can cause obesity. Therefore, consume avocados normally.


Almonds are the second type of food that is very good for helping to clean plaque in blood vessels, so that the cardiovascular system becomes smoother and eventually the risk of stroke will get away. Compared to the types of beans from other trees, the most nutritious almonds are more beneficial to health. So we do not need to hesitate to consume almonds as a healthy intake.


Many people assume that sea fish contain high cholesterol and as a result they are afraid to consume it. Even though the fact is that some types of fish such as salmon, tuna and tuna have high unsaturated fats which are good for fighting bad fats or plaques in our blood vessels.

Salmon can indeed be used to deal with flak in the blood. One way to overcome it is that you have to know how to cook salmon so that salmon does not actually have a bad effect on the body but has a healthy effect on the health of the body.

The three ingredients are easily available in supermarkets around us and the price is still relatively affordable. If it can be prevented, why should it be treated? Now you are sure right now, let's try to consume avocados, almonds, mackerel fish, tuna and tuna fish.

Why should flak in the blood be removed? because the flak in the blood that is kept continuously can actually cause a danger to the health of the body.

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