This Eight Ordinary Foods Considered Healthy Even Though Not Always

One way to lose weight is to choose balanced nutritious foods to consume every day. There are certain foods that are considered healthy and often supplemented while on a diet, even though they are not always healthy and safe to lose weight. Here are the foods in question and you need to recognize them.

Granola Bar

This snack is considered a healthy snack that is often used as a breakfast menu for those on a diet, but also often consumed as a midday snack. Compared to candy or chocolate, it's true that the granola bar is a better and healthier alternative, but if you cook or make it right.

There are a number of granola bar products that are probably no less sugary, fatty and calorie from candy and chocolate. Be careful if you prefer granola bars with choco chips, because the sugar content is high enough so be sure to choose a granola bar that is less or low sugar than a high sugar one.


Because it consists of vegetables and also sometimes has fruit, this food is considered the most healthy. But you should also know that there are salads that are not healthy and will not be effective in helping you lose weight. When the salad topping chosen is junk food, a kind of high fat cheese, fried chicken pieces, or smoked pork, is clearly not healthy.

Not to mention the selection of dressings that carelessly like the use of mayonnaise can also actually make a salad to increase your weight. A refreshing and healthy salad is a salad with a healthy topping and adding a dressing in the form of olive oil. Although the content of calories and fat is high, the type of fat in this oil is unsaturated fat so there is no need to worry.

Chicken soup

If you choose canned soup, obviously this will not help anything on your weight loss diet program. Canned type soup is definitely rich in fat and sodium which if consumed frequently will only gain weight.

To be safer, try cooking your own chicken soup so you can estimate and use flavorings as needed; that way, homemade soup will be much safer, lower in sodium and certainly guaranteed to be healthy. If you want to keep buying and consuming canned soup, make sure you check the nutrition label section first.


Sandwich because it contains vegetables, boiled eggs and chicken meat does not necessarily mean it is definitely healthy especially for health and weight. Many sandwiches that contain meat are rich in fat and sodium, often using too much mayonnaise.

If you want to keep consuming but want to give your body a good level of nutrition, look for the right nutritional information about sandwiches. If you want to make your own or buy it, choose a low-fat mayonnaise or even a dressing that is also guaranteed to be low in fat.


Yogurt we know as a source of high probiotics that are very good for maintaining digestive health, but there is also yogurt that is not as healthy as you think because it is rich in fat, especially sugar. So if you want to consume yogurt, be sure to choose low sugar and low fat yogurt products.


Isn't a smoothie made from fresh fruit and vegetables which is certainly rich in fiber and good for body health, including diet? Smoothies especially those classified as commercial products are usually rich in fructose sugar with yogurt and fruit juices which are so low that drinking it will only make the body easier to fat. Homemade smoothies are clearly safer, nutritious and healthier.

Tea Packaging

Tea is known to be healthy and able to help the process of weight loss, but did you know that packaged tea is rich in sugar content which certainly will only make the body fat faster? So before enjoying it, read and check carefully the label on the package to see the amount of sugar.

Fruit Juice Packaging

Fruit juice is indeed fresh and certainly healthy, but not so if you choose packaged fruit juices that have a certain amount of sugar, not to mention the presence of preservatives. Making fruit juices themselves will be much safer and recommended than if you want really healthy nutritious juices.

The types of food are indeed healthy, but there are also groups that are not healthy because of the content of sodium, sugar, fat, and higher calories. Research before buying and consuming these foods and drinks to keep your body healthy and keep your weight.

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