This Is The Right Exercise To Gain Weight Quickly

For some people, gaining weight is a very desirable thing, not only losing weight but getting an ideal body also sometimes requires increasing body weight. Still confused about your body? Should you reduce the same or increase weight? please check your weight in the ideal weight calculator

After you know your ideal weight with an ideal weight calculator, you now know what your ideal weight is, are you too thin so you need to increase your weight? well, gaining weight might look easy for some people, but sometimes it's very difficult.

There are various ways to gain weight, weight does not mean you eat a lot uncontrolled, gaining weight is not only done by adding portions of your staple food such as rice, because there is a danger of often eating rice if you do not eat the recommended portion to get ideal weight.

A safe and healthy way to gain weight is by Exercise. Sports Exercise is often associated with losing weight, but the main goal of Exercise is to shape your ideal body weight, so it can be tailored to your needs in different ways. Here we will give tips on how to correct Exercise to gain weight.

Focus on adding muscle mass

one's ideal body weight is not only calculated by body fat, but also by the composition of muscles in the body. the right way to Exercise to gain weight is to increase muscle mass, don't focus solely on burning fat in the body, but you should focus on increasing muscle mass.

Adding muscle mass can start from a large enough part of the muscle such as the arms, chest and back. Forming muscles in this section can be done as a start for Exercise with the aim of gaining weight.

What should you do? What kind of Exercise can form muscles in the arms, chest and back? you can do push ups, push ups can help increase the muscle mass in your arms.

Pull up, by doing pull ups you can form the muscles of the arms and the back, the other way is to do squats. squats can help you focus on adding muscle mass to the abdomen. You can make all three movements as the basis for the movement in focusing on increasing your muscle mass.

Eat before and after doing Exercise

The next tip in the right way to Exercise to gain weight is to eat before and after exercise. exercise is not only about the movements performed, but also must pay attention to your body's condition before and after exercise.

It's best not to let your body go hungry, eat before going to exercise. Eating before you exercise can make the body healthy and avoid the body lacking blood sugar. What foods can you eat before exercise? the first thing you should pay attention to is the portion.

The portion of your meal is not much before doing exercise because it can make it difficult for you to move when your stomach is full, eat foods that are high in calories and not too much so that you can still move comfortably. You can eat muscle mass foods like chicken breast with milk or drink milk and eat eggs before exercise.

After you do exercise, as a way to gain weight you can immediately eat food again, you can eat potatoes, milk, chocolate ice cream. food must be able to replace the calories you waste during Exercise, the faster your calories are replaced, the faster you can Exercise again and increase your weight.

Reduce cardio exercise

Cardio exercise is a sport that increases heart rate and is a sport that burns super calories, you can usually do this by running. Usually when you are Exercise you will use a treadmill to do cardio exercise. In the correct way of exercise to gain weight, cardio exercise must be reduced.

Reducing cardio exercise does not mean eliminating it, because in the right exercise you also need to work the heart to keep it healthy. then how to reduce it? You can do cardio exercise during heating, do it in not too much. You can use a treadmill for about 5-10 minutes to warm up before doing exercise.

reducing this movement can reduce the burning of calories while you are exercise so you can focus on forming muscle mass without burning calories in the body.

Give a period of rest between movements

Rest is something the body needs. rest is not only done after you finish exercise, but you also need to rest between the exercise you are doing. Rest your body after a few movements. But don't take too much rest.

Rest can make your body adapt so that your exercise will not burn all your calories, there is a lag time the body uses to return. at rest can be done while drinking, do not rest too long. for example, you can pull up 12 repetitions and then take a one-minute break followed by 12 repetitions and 1 minute rest.

The break time from one day to another is also very much needed. Don't do exercise every day because you don't give muscles to rest. give 2 days between exercise, for example you do fitness on Saturdays so you should do exercise again on Tuesday, or at least 48 hours after the first exercise.

In addition to pausing, each of your exercise must alternately focus on certain muscle muscles such as focusing on the arm muscles for 2 times, then you focus on your chest muscles. Focusing on these different muscles can provide good rest for the muscles to increase their strength.

Do exercise for beginners

Doing basic exercise movements is very much needed, this can be the main lesson and your start in exercise to gain weight. You must be able to do a good and correct way of exercise when you start exercise in increasing your weight.

What can you do as the beginning of the movement? which is certain as the first tip is to focus on adding muscle. the following movements you can do: 5 × 5 pull ups and 5 × 5 squats

You can practice the movement before you go to the gym to prepare your muscle muscles to do heavier exercise recommended by the instructor.

How? Is this how the exercise you are doing is still wrong? If you want to gain weight, then do weight gain in a healthy and appropriate way. Don't forget to pay attention to your diet so that the right way to exercise to gain weight can have maximum results.

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