Weight Lifting Exercises For You Who Are Skinny

Having an ideal body is certainly a dream of many people. Generally, the ideal body criteria, which are not fat, are not thin, all right. Even so, often the criteria for each person's body ideas also vary. However, generally most people consider the ideal body to be a healthy and formed body. Unfortunately, the ideal body is not taken for granted. Most do the ideal body shape with simple equipment to do fitness.

Most of those who practice at the fitness center are for weight loss programs. However, it turns out that there are also many who go to the fitness center to gain weight. There are some people who are already born innocents who can't be fat, no matter how much they eat. However, there are actually ways to exercise that can be obtained to increase body weight to be ideal, especially for beginners.

Well, for those of you who are thin and want to get the ideal body weight, there are several ways that fitness is good and right that you can try to follow. Here is a fitness method for skinny beginners who can be your guide to fitness.

Weight Lifting Exercises

For those of you beginners who are thin, the first way you can do in your fitness program is to lift weights. Weight training can help with muscle growth and exercise to increase good stamina. If you want the maximum, do weight training more often. Indeed at first it will be difficult but if done many times your body will get used to it.

At the beginning of the exercise, you can do weight training 3-4 times a week. The more you do it, the faster the results will be. However, keep in mind that there must be a break or a day's rest for the recovery period. This method is indeed quite heavy for beginners, but if done correctly it will not make injury.

Perform Muscle Combination Exercises

Next, you can do fitness for beginners with thin body by doing muscle combination exercises. You can schedule a muscle combination physical exercise according to the day. For example on Monday you train bicep muscles, abdominal muscles, and chest then on another day do other muscle combinations. Basically at each training session you do different muscle combination exercises. However, keep in mind to do it slowly, not at once. Because you are still a beginner, let your body get used to it first.

Ask the Coach for Help

Because you are still a beginner, don't first do everything alone. Ask the coach for help and guidance to do fitness exercises that are appropriate for you and the goals you want to achieve. Indeed, for thin people will usually be directed to do weights. However, because you are still a beginner and unfamiliar, you will need the help of others. In this case your personal trainer.

Usually in the initial stages, the trainer will suggest that you lift the desired weight first to familiarize your muscles. After getting used to it, then it will be diverted to a heavier burden. As you continue until finally your muscles are accustomed to lifting larger loads consistently. After you have balanced the process of lifting weights properly, you can practice alone without a coach.

Meat consumption

Besides doing physical activities, one way of fitness for thin body beginners can be maximized by eating meat. Eating meat can help to form muscle mass. Meat, especially fresh red beef is rich in fiber, protein, and good fats that are needed by the body.

In order for your fitness program to run optimally, consuming 500-1000 calories of meat every day can help your program. But also the meat you consume must be considered. Know the characteristics of healthy meat so you don't eat wrong.

Proper Food Consumption

How to fitness for thin body beginners can then be balanced by factors outside the sport. First of all the food you consume. Because you are undergoing a fitness program to get the ideal body you want, you also have to pay attention to the food you consume. Eat foods that can help increase and shape your muscle mass

The right foods to accompany your fitness program are those that contain high protein, carbohydrates and fiber. Foods that contain protein for diet and fitness programs include meat, eggs, hijan vegetables, and fruits. Consume these foods regularly and arrange the dose of nutrients you need every day.

Eat a lot

Because you are undergoing a fitness program to get the ideal body, you need to eat a lot. The reason is because every time you exercise or fitness, you spend a lot of calories and energy. The fat in your body is burned down so there is no fat reserves. Actually this is good, but for those of you who are difficult to get fat, usually there is not too much fat burned.

After all, if your portion of the meal is the same as the portion before doing fitness, then what you consume burns through physical exercise. So from that start multiplying your meal, but remember you must still contain foods that are needed for muscle mass formation programs.

Consumption of supplements

How to exercise for beginners who have thin bodies can also be balanced by consuming supplements. Actually this isn't new anymore. Most of those who exercise at fitness centers use certain supplements to help with the program. This is certainly not wrong as long as the supplements you consume are right. Supplements that are suitable for thin people, namely those who have a function to increase body weight and help build muscle mass.

At present there are many muscle mass supplement supplements that can be found, some in the form of drinks or capsules. But you need to be careful because not all supplements are suitable for your consumption. Know the dangers of supplement drinks so you can be more alert in choosing the right supplement for you. It's best if you ask for advice from your fitness coach to determine what type of supplement is right for you. Usually these supplements have various types of prices that are also diverse, of course.

Complete with Amino Acid Consumption

How to fitness for the skinny beginners who are the last, namely as a complement. During the physical exercise process, you can also maximize it by consuming amino acids. Besides protein and carbohydrates, amino acids are also needed for muscle mass. You can get amino acids in supplement form or from natural ones directly.

If you don't like to take supplements, you can consume amino acids from food. Foods that contain high amino acids include fruits such as bananas, apples, mangoes, avocados, beets, and others. While for vegetables, including spinach, broccoli, cabbage, and others. Consume the amino acid-rich foods mentioned to maximize your fitness program.

Thus the explanation of 8 ways of fitness for beginners who are thin. In essence, a fitness program for thin people aims to increase muscle mass. A physical training program that is suitable for that purpose is lifting weights. Perform weight lifting regularly and interspersed with combination exercises. In addition to physical exercise, maximize also by consuming supplements and foods that help the process of forming muscle mass.

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