12 Causes of Facial Warts You Need to Know

Warts are abnormal skin growth that occurs due to human Papilloma virus. Some types of warts that often occur especially in the face area include Filiform warts with elongated forms such as threads and flat warts to genital warts. Although the warts on the face do not cause medical problems, they can reduce self-confidence and hinder daily activities. Warts which are skin diseases are very contagious and can spread easily when in direct contact with the patient's body. Apart from being caused by a virus, there are several factors that cause other warts on the face as follows.

Frequently Touching the Face

Bad habits such as touching the face frequently and squeezing zits can cause growth of warts on the face. Open wounds because these activities will facilitate the virus against the skin and eventually warts arise especially if hand hygiene is not properly maintained.

Sharing Equipment for the Face

Using various tools used on the face together such as:

Borrowing and shaving tools
Lending and borrowing cosmetics
Borrow and borrow towels

These factors can cause warts to grow in the area of ​​your face. This happens because a variety of these devices may have been infected with the virus that causes warts from other people and when used it can cause the virus to move and thrive on your face.

Using a Public Swimming Pool

The use of public swimming pools also causes the HPV virus to spread rapidly as in puddles in pool tiles and also the water in the pool. Avoiding the use of public swimming pools is the best step to avoid warts on the face area, but if you still want to use these facilities, immediately clean the body especially the face area with antiseptic soap so that the virus can die immediately and not multiply on your face.


The virus that causes this wart can also spread very quickly if there are infected open wounds on the face such as acne, scratching, shaving and various other things that cause open sores on the skin. These open wounds will make it easier for the HPV virus to attack and eventually develop warts around the face and eyes.

Direct Contact with Patients

The HPV virus causes condyloma akuminata to be highly contagious and can occur due to direct contact with the body of wart sufferers. This is what causes children to be more vulnerable to warts due to various activities in school and also because the child's immune system is still fairly low.

Excessive stress

Excessive stress can also be a cause of facial warts and other body parts that arise due to psychological responses. Stress causes the body's immune system to drop dramatically, causing various infections such as warts that occur on the face, neck and other areas.

Bad Nutrition

As we know, poor nutrition will make it easier for various viruses to attack the human body including human papilloma virus or HPV to cause warts and the cause of facial skin tags. Decreased body immunity will make it difficult for the body to fight the virus attack. Also, avoid consuming caffeine, processed fats, processed sugars and various other bad foods that can reduce the immune system and eventually release more inflammatory chemicals such as histamine.

Decreased Immune System

The immune system plays an important role in preventing viral infections such as the common cold and also the HPV virus that causes warts and causes of eyelets. If the body's immune system is strong enough, the possibility of being exposed to warts and certain types of skin diseases can be minimized because the body can overcome the infection before it manifests on the surface of the skin. But when the immune system decreases, especially in children and adolescents, there will be various health problems caused by viruses such as one of them warts.

Wear Clothing Alternately

Wearing clothes alternately without being washed and also a number of other items such as towels or cloth that have come in contact with people with warts can also cause you to get warts that attack infected skin areas such as acne scars, remove eyebrows, scratches and other wounds.

Human Papilloma Virus

Human Papilloma Virus or HPV is the main cause of a person can be exposed to warts on the face and other body parts such as the soles of the feet, palms, neck even in the genital area such as the vagina and penis. Human Papilloma This virus consists of more than 100 types, but only a few Human Papilloma Viruses can cause warts like one of them is Filiform and several other viruses.

Actually, the cause of warts on the face and some other bodies occurs because of the human Papilloma virus which is the main cause of the appearance of warts. A person will be more susceptible to this virus if the immune system that is possessed is very low coupled with the open wounds that are owned, the use of goods together and not keeping the body clean properly. As for how to remove warts on the face can be done with natural treatments or medical measures such as using hydrogen liquid.

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