14 Easiest Way To Recover Face Swelling

Face swelling can occur due to several factors, whether indeed an illness or indeed from birth. But most people look for ways to deflate face swelling because of something that makes his face look bigger. Of course if you are swollen because of illness, you must definitely find a way to handle it. In contrast to the condition of a face swelling that is already born or called chubby.

What are the symptoms of a face swelling? Not only caused by illness, but also things that can cause a face swelling.


Allergy does sound trivial, but everyone has different side effects from allergies. Some are reddish, some look charred like bruises and especially are swollen faces. Allergies can be because it doesn't fit the body interacting directly with something, whether it's food, temperature, cosmetics or something else.

Certain drugs

Swollen faces occur other than allergies are due to the influence of certain drugs. Usually there are several medications that are taken routinely can cause swelling. Facial swelling caused by a drug is called moonface. In more severe cases, some people who experience moon face are not helped when they ignore it. The drugs that usually make swelling are those that contain corticosteroids in the long run such as amboid or prednisone.


Swelling of the face is caused by other factors such as irritation. Usually this irritation is influenced by a facial product that may not be suitable on the skin. If there is swelling of the face due to cosmetics, you should not continue.

Clinical Conditions

Certain clinical conditions can also make swelling of the face. Among them are like Cushing's syndrome, nephrotic syndrome.

There are many ways to deflate a swollen face, starting from consulting a doctor to other treatments. As for other treatments you can do are as follows:

1. Applying a Doctor's Prescription

After you consult a doctor, they usually recommend using a special recipe to deflate a swollen face. Medications obtained from a doctor's prescription are definitely very safe if there are certain clinical conditions that make the face look swollen.

2. Stopping certain products

As mentioned earlier, swelling of the face can be due to the use of certain facial products such as cosmetics. If certain cosmetic items are not suitable for your facial skin, you should stop using them. Also note that cosmetics also contain mercury which, if used routinely, is likely to cause disease due to heavy metal mercury.

3. Stop certain drugs

Just like the use of cosmetics on the face, in this case it can occur due to the influence of a particular drug. It is better to stop using the drug, because in the future it is not impossible for life to become a bet. Remembering medicine is something that cannot be played around and its hard nature not only can damage the swollen face but also can damage the kidneys.

4. Avoid allergens

Swollen faces can occur due to exposure to allergens, in any form, such as food, dust, animal hair or certain weather. To deflate a swollen face due to allergies, avoid allergens other than using drugs for allergies.

5. Drink enough water

To fight swelling in the face, try to increase the intake of water every day. Not only does it prevent yourself from getting dehydrated, even swelling of the face will gradually collapse naturally with sufficient fluid intake. This is because the lack of fluids in the body can trigger the accumulation of water in the body as a defense mechanism.

6. Avoiding certain drinks

In addition to increasing the intake of water, make sure to also avoid certain types of drinks such as:

Alcoholic beverages

7. Limiting Salt

Salt is also one of the factors that can make the face swell and the swelling can be much more serious. Therefore, limit your salt intake to prevent water retention which causes some parts of the body and face to swell.

8. Drink Watermelon Juice

Drinking watermelon juice not only adds to the intake of vitamin C for the body, but is also effective, effective and safe in reducing swelling on the face and other body parts. Drink fresh watermelon juice every morning until the swelling on the face disappears.

9. Using Dandelion

Dandelion root can also be used as a way to reduce swelling in the face because it contains anti-inflammatory properties in it. Simply find the dandelion root that is already in the form of a drug solution by using 1-2 teaspoons of 1: 5 dandelion root solution.

10. Add Nutrition Intake

Eat nutritious food, maybe it's not a medicine to specifically cure swelling on the face. But eating nutritious and balanced foods can be one way to naturally flush a swollen face. Maybe for a list of examples of healthy daily food menu can be a reference for you.

11. Regular Sports

Don't forget to do regular exercise and increase your mineral intake. Water can remove all toxins through urine, so all the effects of certain drugs that cause swelling can be destroyed. If you lack enthusiasm, maybe after knowing the various benefits of exercise for health, this body can arouse yourself from laziness to exercise.

Those are some ways to deflate a swollen face, all of which can be applied on your own which are suitable and easy for you to do. Hopefully this article is useful.

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