3 Ways To Remove Warts on Face with Aloe Vera

3 Ways To Remove Warts on Face with Aloe Vera

Warts is a benign lesions of nodules with the characteristics of a papyl surface. Warts can occur repeatedly as well as inflict wounds in the form of scar tissue. The wart on the face certainly makes you uncomfortable or even lacking confidence.

Wart transmission can be transmitted from skin to skin. Therefore, the way of eliminating warts is very important to do each individual in addition to curing warts, also can prevent transmission to others.

HPV can be treated with HPV virus medication, and can also be assisted with natural ingredients to reduce the manifestation of HPV. Some of the risk factors that can cause warts are the use of public bathing places, trauma, and a person with a weak immune.

If you have warts on face, you certainly think about what the cause is not? Causes of warts in the face can occur due to the use of places or goods simultaneously with people who have HPV viruses.

Once you know what warts, causes and transmission of warts. Now you definitely think about what if you've been exposed to warts? Eliminating warts can be done with medications from within or ointment, but there is a natural way of eliminating warts. How? Here's how to remove warts on the face with Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera is commonly used in the form of a gel that is extracted from a direct growth. Aloe Vera can be used to treat wounds since ancient times. Some aloe vera content is aloin and Emodin which acts as analgesic, antibacterial and antiviral.

Aloe Vera also has a content of auxins and Gibberellin which aids wound recovery and has functions as an anti-inflammatory drug. Why Aloe Vera is said to be as potent as how to remove warts in the face? Because the content of Aloin and Emodin that serves as antiviral.

Antiviral is interpreted as an anti-virus where warts can be caused by the presence of HPV (Human Papilomavirus) so that the use of aloe Vera in the face can reduce the cause of the warts. How to remove the warts in the face with aloe Vera can also cure scar tissue in the form of scarring because of the content of Auxins and Gibberellin which aids wound recovery if used on the skin with applied topically.

After knowing the benefits of Aloe Vera as a way of eliminating warts in the face, surely you ask how to use it? Here's how to remove the warts on the face with Aloe vera, let's see

1. Applying Aloe vera on facial warts

This is the easiest way to remove warts in the face with Aloe Vera, usage on the warts directly can also suppress the bacteria around the warts or bacteria that are exposed from outside the body. How? The steps:

Take Aloe Vera, if you don't have aloe Vera plant, you can buy it in supermarkets or in traditional markets

Put Aloe vera in a perpendicular position so that the vibration flows out

After the thrill comes out, wash aloe Vera with clean water

If it is washed with clean water, peel aloe Vera skin thoroughly

After the net, cut aloe Vera meat, cut freely and put in a clean place to keep it clean and not contaminated bacteria

Apply the meat of aloe Vera to the warts in the face. Do not forget to clean the face before applied Aloe Vera

Let the spread of Aloe Vera for 5-10 minutes, then wash your face back with a clean

Repeat Aloe Vera use at least 2x a day

Remaining pieces of aloe Vera can be closed tightly and stored in the refrigerator, quite stored in the refrigerator, avoid storing in the freezer

If you do not want to be worried by removing the wart in the face with Aloe Vera, you can use the Aloe Vera sold on the market, the way it is used easier. Simply directly applied to the warts in the face, do not forget to wash your hands before using aloe Vera.

2. Aloe Vera Juice

Well, this is a way of treatment from the inside, besides being applied to the warts, you can help healing from the inside by providing vitamins from the body. Here's how to make aloe Vera juice

Prepare aloe Vera and ice cubes as the main ingredient, you can add pure honey or a little sugar to give flavor to the juice

First you have to clean and peel aloe Vera skin to take the flesh

Cut the aloe Vera meat into several pieces and put in a blender

You can add additional ingredients to this section, you can enter honey or a little sugar to add flavor to Aloe Vera juice. It is recommended to use pure honey so that its usefulness is not lost

Blend material that has been inserted

Serve in glass, you can drink aloe Vera juice one day once every morning or night

The consumption of aloe Vera juice should remain accompanied by polishing on the facial warts, because the consumption of this juice is an aid from the inside so that the body has anti bacteria from the inside and helps the warts cure faster.

3. Aloe Vera Mask

The use of facial masks from aloe Vera is commonly used by women in day-to-day facial treatments. That is all you can do if you want to try to lose your face quickly. Besides you can use Aloe Vera gel that is already available in the cosmetic shop, you can also make it tablets, this can be done in conjunction with the making of aloe Vera that you want to apply to the warts face

Let's make our own aloe Vera mask

Take a piece of aloe that you have saved or you can re prepare by cleaning aloe Vera skin First and grab the aloe Vera meat by cutting

For a mixture of masks you can use other ingredients such as rose water and honey to give you maximum results

Provide a container to mix ingredients for masks

The first step in mixing is to put aloe Vera in a bowl, stirring in advance so that aloe Vera is more fluid and easy to apply

After stirring, put Rose or honey water into the same container. Selection of Rose and honey water tailored to you

Put Rose or honey water with a ratio of 1; 2 1 to Rosewater or honey and 2 aloe Vera, this is done in order to keep Aloe's content more dominant than its mixture

Stir well, if the flat is used on the entire face as a mask. Do not rub during a mask application, use gently.

The use of aloe Vera to remove warts on the face can be used routinely. Still confused when to use it? In the morning before your activity, simply apply aloe gel to avoid disturbing your activities, at night you can drink aloe Vera juice and use aloe Vera mask before bedtime.

How? Easy is not it? That is the tips on how to remove the warts in the face with Aloe Vera, do it routinely and always use a dust barrier mask if there are warts in the face. Avoid using shared towels and bathing in shared baths. You should also avoid swimming until the wart on your face is cured. Good luck

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