7 Causes of Sensitive Teeth and How to Overcome It, Don't Be Underestimated

7 Causes of Sensitive Teeth and How to Overcome It Dont Be Underestimated

Some people must have had dental problems, one of which is sensitive teeth. Sensitive teeth often interfere because they cause an uncomfortable feeling in the area of ​​the teeth and mouth. This discomfort can also hamper daily activities. Even if sensitive teeth hurt, it can cause dizziness until unconsciousness.

Many things can cause sensitive teeth. One of them is because the dentin of the tooth is open in the root area because the gums are receding or can be caused by periodontal disease. Dentin in this tooth contains many pores or tubes that flow from the outside of the tooth to the middle nerve. Then without protection of tooth enamel, the tube can be stimulated by changes in temperature or certain foods.

That is one of the causes of sensitive teeth. But actually there are several other causes of sensitive teeth. If you already know the cause, then you can prevent sensitive teeth or you can treat it.

Enamel and gum gums protect dentin. But with age, the gums will tend to recede, and make dentine appear. Then the dentin that comes into contact with food or cold drinks will cause unpleasant pain.

Gums and Damaged Teeth Emails

The next cause of sensitive teeth can be caused by damaged gums and tooth enamel. If the gums and enamel are damaged, the dentin will be exposed.

Brushing teeth

If done correctly, brushing your teeth is very useful. But if done the wrong way, brushing your teeth can cause damage to the gums and tooth enamel. If you are brushing your teeth, try to do it gently and not too hard or too often.

Gritting Teeth

The next cause of sensitive teeth is frequent gnashing of teeth. A person can grit his teeth consciously and unconsciously. Gritting your teeth will cause damage to the tooth enamel, which causes the appearance of sensitive teeth.

Tooth Erosion

Enamel on the teeth can be damaged until it is eroded due to acidic food and drinks. Therefore, avoid as many acidic foods and drinks as possible. Examples of acidic foods are fruit juice, grapes, vinegar, soft drinks from citrus fruits, and so on.

Oral hygiene

Actually damaged teeth can be prevented by maintaining dental and oral hygiene. That is by way of brushing your teeth regularly.

Cavities or Cracks

Cavities or cracks can occur due to several things such as dental hygiene factors, to accident. Tooth decay and cracks in the teeth can cause the appearance of sensitive teeth.

If you experience sensitive teeth, there are several ways to overcome them, even if only done at home. Here's how to deal with sensitive teeth.

  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush.
  • Brushing teeth properly and correctly.
  • Choose the right toothpaste for sensitive teeth.
  • Avoid foods and beverages that contain acid.

If the above methods are not optimal in treating sensitive teeth, you can go to the dentist and consult about your sensitive teeth problem. If sensitive teeth are severe enough, maybe the doctor will do further treatment.

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