Best Ways to Exercise Arm Muscles Without Fitness Equipment

Health is very important at this time, various ways to maintain body health are carried out by everyone. Having strong arm muscles is one of the things that many men want. But the lack of time makes some people very difficult to come to the gym to form arm muscles. In addition to aesthetic forms, muscle is also one indicator of health.

Exercising your arm muscles can be done without you needing to come to the fitness center and pay dearly, you only need a few sports tips that suit your activities, here are ways to form arm muscles without fitness equipment

Push Up

Push up is a movement that is widely known to people. Surely you have done this movement right? this is the easiest movement if you want to form arm muscles. In addition to forming arm muscles, push ups can also form chest muscles and back.

Push ups in women and men are different, do the appropriate push-up movements. For men, do push up movements that kneel on the hands and feet, while in men using hands and knees. The difference in movement if you do push ups below or on the floor.

You can also vary your push-up movements by forming diamond-like hands, commonly known as diamond push ups, the diamond hand shape will give more strength to your hands.

The push up movement will use body weight as a burden. The body load that is used as a burden to form the muscles of your hand muscles. Without the need to go to a fitness center, you can already form your arm muscles. Cheap and easy right?

Besides being done on the floor, you can also do push ups on the wall, this is an easier movement, women and men have the same position movements when doing push ups on the wall. The method is simply to place the palm of the hand on the wall, the foot back away from the wall and do push-up movements as usual.

You can do push ups on the wall or floor 12-15 times with 3 repetitions. You can do this movement every day in the morning or evening for quick results, if you are a beginner, do it 2-3 times a week.

Triceps Dip

Triceps and biceps are the main focus when you want to form arm muscles. This movement is one of the movements that can strengthen your triceps muscles. How to? You need to sit in a chair or a place with a flat surface.

Sit in a chair or a place with a flat surface, put your hand on the right side of your body with the position of your palm against the chair. put your feet perpendicular to the floor and slightly away from the chair, position the feet tightly.

After the position is ready, lift your body with your hands still holding on to the chair, lower your body down and raise your body again with the strength of your hands. When doing this movement, try to keep the foot in position and tighten the leg muscles. This movement also uses the body's body to form your arm muscles.

You can also do this movement by sitting on the floor and placing your hands to the right and left side of your body, straightening your legs and lifting your body with the strength of your hands. Hold for 10-15 counts and repeat 3 times.

Plank position

Have you ever heard of a plank position? the position is quite easy as a way of forming arm muscles without fitness equipment for your body. Plank uses the body's period as a burden that will be held by your arm muscles. There are various positions in plank, some use arms, both palms or one palm.

The first movement is plank by using the lower middle part, this is a standard position commonly used in plank positions, namely with both arms on the floor, the toe at the back like the position of the push up but different in the hand. After being in position, hold for 15 counts and do 3 repetitions.

The second plank movement is the same movement with the first movement but in a tilted position, which holds only one hand and facing the side, this position is the side plank position. This movement is more difficult than the initial movement because you will hold your body weight with only one hand.

Plank movement is generally done by staying in place and enough to hold your body weight according to the recommended count. However, you can modify the plank movement for maximum results. Here are some modifications that you can do as a way to form arm muscles without fitness equipment.

Plank jacks - with a high plank position that is a position like a push up that is usually done by men, open the toe cap 10-15 times

Lateral plank walks - with a high plank position, move your arms and legs to the side along the mat you are using, or 3 steps to the right and left

Plank Taps - position your body with high plank, lift one hand and tap it to the opposite chest, do right and left

Planks Up - Start with high plank, then lower your body and hands with the standard plank hand position as explained, do it slowly and alternately, this movement requires you to move with 2 plank positions repeatedly

Use a household appliance

Maybe for some people if you don't lift the weight, you can do it at home too. How to? Simply provide two buckets with the same shape and size and fill with the same amount of water.

The job of lifting a bucket that might be used by your mother at home can also be a way to form your arm muscles without fitness tools. Just take a bucket and water and put it on the page, make sure you stand in a place that is not slippery, use your home page.

In doing this movement, you must make sure to stand in a place that is not slippery, do not do this in the bathroom because it can be dangerous for you. First after filling the bucket with water, put the bucket on your left and right. Position your stand with your legs slightly open.

Lift the bucket with your hands, position your hand in a 90 degree angle, hold this position for 10 counts, then put the bucket next to you. Do this movement 3 times

Shadow Boxing

Hearing the word boxing is definitely what you are thinking about is using a tool that is in a gym, but you can do shadow boxing, which is boxing shadow, so you do not need an opponent or samsak, just move your hand like you are training boxing.

Shadow boxing is useful for strengthening your arm muscles, and can be done at home without using special punch bags or gloves, focus your movements on the strength of your arms. After punching, then pull your hand back to your face, try to always return your hand to your face.

For those of you who want to start sports, you should start exercising at home before coming to the fitness place because you also need a good and right way of fitness. In addition to beginners, how to form arm muscles without fitness equipment is also suitable for those of you who are busy and come home late at night from your work place. Have a good sport.

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