Do You Want Your Face Skin Look Ageless? Do These 8 Things Every Morning

Do You Want Your Face Skin Look Ageless? Do These 8 Things Every Morning

Premature aging is a scourge for most women and when the signs appear, treatment products are finally used to make the signs of premature aging disappear. Though the truth is to start treating facial skin regularly with good and healthy habits every day. So that the farthest cause of premature aging, always young, fresh and healthy, do the morning routine below.

Facial Gymnastics

Not only the body that needs stretching, the face is necessary. In order to look always young and without wrinkles, start getting used to the morning exercising face. Movement of the lips, eyebrows, pull the cheek skin up and down and also move the eyeball regularly after waking up to increase the strength of facial muscles.

Drink Water

After crossing your face, don't forget to immediately drink water when you wake up. During the night we sleep, the body becomes dehydrated, so does the skin. If you do not get used to drinking a glass of water early in the morning after waking up, the body will be more easily limp, hair and skin will also be dull.

Drinking Warm Tea

After drinking water, you may also want to get used to enjoying hot tea in the morning. Because tea can make your body rich in antioxidants, relax yourself, and make yourself more energetic, it also affects the brightness and youthfulness of your face. Rather than consuming coffee which can be bad for the health of the heart and stomach, tea is the right choice.

Face Washing

In addition to bathing, clearly washing your face is a must in the morning. If this is not your habit, make sure to make this routine and wash your face using facial cleansing soap with a slightly acidic content. When using facial cleansing soap containing alkaline pH, the skin actually wrinkles faster and experiences dryness because of the residual alkali sticking to the skin on the face for several hours.

Using Sunscreen

Sunscreen or sunscreen are also important after finishing washing your face. Apply to the face so that the dangers of ultraviolet light can be resisted and prevented from damaging the skin. For those of you who mainly have outdoor activities, use sunscreen as a moisturizer and guard skin health.

Using a moisturizer

The appearance of wrinkles and fine lines as a sign of aging usually will also cause dry effects on the skin. So every morning, make sure to apply a moisturizer so that the skin is always moist even though your skin type is oily though.

Wearing Mineral Facial Makeup

Mineral-rich makeup products are the most recommended for those of you who are active everyday with makeup. Every morning, use the right makeup product so that the face is not more dull but it is brighter and younger.

Minerals in cosmetic products are ready to hydrate facial skin, eradicate bacteria, and become reflectors of the sun. Even these mineral makeup products have SPF which tends to be natural from 15-20. So if you are afraid of the dangers of sunlight during the day, using makeup like this is more suitable and safe.

Increase Smile

Ageless is also supported by lots of smiles in the morning. The habit of smiling will generate positive energy that will emanate from us in the presence of others. As a result, the soul is much younger and stronger which has an effect on the appearance of fresh, bright and youthful facial skin.

For a face that can look fresh and youthful is not so difficult right? When the morning routine is practiced everyday it will obviously be a transmitter of your beauty. Continue this habit especially from a young age so that as you age, your skin will remain tight, healthy and avoid premature aging.

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