Follow these 12 Precautions for Facial Acne If You Want to Get Better Quickly

Do you have skin problems and often breakouts? Even when you are diligent in cleaning your face, do you think that the pimples still go away or keep coming again and again? Remember that acne arises not only because of the low level of facial skin hygiene, but also the wrong foods can make zits always stubborn. So, what are the dietary restrictions for facial acne?

Chocolate Milk (Milk Chocolate)

Are you a fan of milk chocolate and maybe even make it a snack every day? It turns out that the type of chocolate with milk content is not healthy for the skin. The main factor that makes the flow of chemicals the cause of acne is difficult to lose is due to the super high sugar content. Choosing dark chocolate is much better because it is lower in sugar and more rich in antioxidants.

Ice cream

Some results of scientific studies have proven that acne can be caused by ice cream. It's almost the same case when you eat milk chocolate, not only is high-fat milk a problem, but also too high sugar content in ice cream. Therefore, instead of ice cream you can substitute it with frozen berries if you want to enjoy cold food.


One more food that seems to be popular with many people, but unfortunately it must be avoided for the sake of pimples that don't easily appear. It is the presence of cheese on pizza that is actually quite inviting skin problems like acne. Not to mention added with the presence of processed milk and high carbohydrates so that it can easily trigger acne.

Potato chips

Potato chips are always included in the list of foods that should be challenged by the owners of acne. This Junk food will not only add rows of pimples on the face, but also can increase cholesterol levels and trigger high blood pressure. This is because the carbohydrate content is too high and rich.

Because of the super high carbohydrate content, inflammation of the skin can easily occur. Even besides, the mineral and vitamin content of potato chips is very little. To replace potato chips that contain omega-6 fat, try eating foods that contain omega-3 like fish.

White Bread

Are you a fan of white bread too? It turns out too often consume it can cause the face to break easily. This is because white bread is included in high glycemic index foods that can increase insulin and increase the risk of developing diabetes.

Foods with a high glycemic index also seem to offer a considerable risk of inflammation in the skin. In addition, white bread can also trigger hormonal fluctuations so that it is easy for the skin to emit pimples if these foods are consumed in large quantities. It would be nice if you abstained from this food temporarily.

Food Packaging

Eating packaged processed foods is indeed the most practical and many people prefer something like this. But for those of you whose skin is easily pimpled, whether it's due to food or other factors, you should never eat packaged and canned foods so that the pimples are left to disappear first.

Why should it be like that? Canned and packaged food on average is processed with the addition of preservatives which are quite high in level, as well as the salt and sugar content. This is then the cause of soaring insulin and at the same time triggers the attack of insidious bacteria in the facial skin because bacteria can more easily grow there.


One more dietary food that is supposed to be avoided by people whose faces are having pimples, namely donuts. In addition to donuts, including high glycemic index foods, donuts also have super high sugar content found in their toppings as well as large levels of saturated fat. As a snack, of course sweet potatoes can be a substitute solution because it is healthier.

Broiler Chicken Meat

For those of you who prefer to buy chicken meat in a restaurant or enjoy fried chicken at fast food restaurants, broiler chicken is generally used. Consuming it too often can cause acne to continue to come because in this chicken meat there are injections of antibiotics and hormones so that it also affects the consumption.

Broiler Chicken Eggs

Do not think that injections of antibiotics and also injections of hormones given to chicken only affect the meat. The eggs produced by chickens that have been injected are certainly broiler eggs too. This can affect the occurrence of hormonal imbalances that can be one of the causes of acne on facial skin.

Cow's milk

Cow's milk and zits are the connection? In 2010 there was a study that found that blood sugar can increase due to cow's milk so there is a high possibility that inflammation can arise because of the increased blood sugar.

Inflammation is what then triggers acne where commercial cow milk products are also able to cause excess sebum on the skin. Growth hormone is also supported by drinking cow's milk, which also triggers excessive growth of skin cells so that the pores of the skin are blocked.


In addition to cow's milk, coffee is also one of the foods that should be challenged when having acne. Excessive consumption not only triggers the characteristics of high blood pressure, but also the occurrence of acne because the hormones in the body are made to be less balanced. Drinking coffee is not an absolute prohibition, but because it can cause various potential diseases, limiting it is far better.


Included in the list of dietary restrictions on people with acne, soda can damage the body because of the high sugar content. The sugar content in sodas can cause insulin spikes, increase the risk of diabetes, and increase the potential for excessive acne on the skin.

Sweet foods, foods high in saturated fat, fast food, and caffeine and carbonated drinks are included in the list of dietary restrictions for facial acne. For the time being, you can avoid it and focus more on healthy intake such as consuming green tea, fish, fruits and vegetables, oysters and seeds.

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