Fried Chicken Processing Tips That Will Not Affect Your Diet

Fried Chicken Processing Tips That Will Not Affect Your Diet

The biggest temptation for fried chicken lovers when dieting is one of them is not allowed to eat fried chicken. So far fried chicken has a bad reputation because the processing is fried with lots of unhealthy oil. Even though it is delicious, fried chicken is often a mainstay because it is relatively cheap and easy to serve.

Now, you don't need to worry anymore because by following the following tips you can still eat fried chicken without worrying about affecting your diet!

Remove the skin

Chicken skin is indeed a delicious part of fried chicken, especially because chicken skin gives a crunchy texture that many people like. But the danger is that chicken skin contains a lot of unhealthy fat. So, so that fried chicken is healthier you must first remove the part of the skin. To get a crunchy texture, you can coat the chicken with delicious seasoning flour. The use of the right fried chicken seasoning can also help you keep the chicken feeling delicious.

Fry with the right oil

So that fried chicken is healthier, fry with the right oil such as coconut oil, canola oil, or peanut oil which contains high unsaturated fatty acids so it is not easy to form trans fats that are harmful to health. These three types of cooking oil also have a high boiling point, so they are right for frying.

Fry with New Oil

Frying with used cooking oil not only affect the taste and color of the dishes, but also makes the food even more unhealthy. Cooking oil that has been used repeatedly will change its composition to dangerous trans fat. Therefore, the use of used cooking oil is not recommended for frying. Fried chicken with new cooking oil huh!

Use the Right Flour

Covering chicken with flour is the right way to give the chicken a crunchy texture, even if the skin is removed. But don't use any flour to fry chicken Avoid frying with flour because wheat flour absorbs more oil. You can replace wheat flour with rice flour or corn flour to get fried chicken that doesn't affect your diet.

Fry the Chicken in the Right Way

Fried chicken that is too oily is certainly not good for health. In order for chickens not to absorb too much oil, chicken must be fried in high and stable temperatures, which is around 180 degrees Celsius. After frying, drain the chicken well so that the excess oil does not seep. If necessary, drain fried chicken on kitchen tissue for a few minutes so that excess oil is completely wasted.

The best way is to process chicken in a healthier way. Fry the chicken with a little oil on a non-stick pan and avoid frying chicken with lots of oil (deep fried).

If you want to enjoy crispy flour fried chicken, you can treat the chicken by baking it in an oven at 220 degrees Celsius for a few moments until the chicken becomes crispy and turns golden. Crispy and healthy chicken dishes can be served for food during your diet. Good luck!

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