How to Rent a Practical and Thrifty Daily Apartment

How to Rent a Practical and Thrifty Daily Apartment

How to rent a practical and economical daily apartment? Maybe this is one of the many questions that you often think about, especially those who often travel out of town on business.

Sometimes when visiting a city for work or business, you need a comfortable and strategic place right in the middle of the city. If you are in a city as big as Jakarta, it will be more strategic if you choose a daily apartment rental right in the middle of the city.

Wherever it will be easier, and resting is also as comfortable as at home. A fresh and fit body, so busy and compact as any type of work activity will be more energetic and ready to face all challenges.

One of the advantages of renting a daily apartment is that you will get a comfortable, safe and certainly more cost-effective place to stay. The place is more private and not like staying at a hotel.

Actually, renting a daily apartment has no standard regulations that are too complicated. It's the same as other types of daily accommodation. Users only need to pay attention in terms of order and security that do not interfere with the privacy of other apartment occupants.

Here's more detail on how to rent a daily apartment:

Contact the Owner Directly

To rent an apartment owned by an individual, you can contact the owner who rents the apartment directly. In addition, you can also contact agents who manage several apartment units on a daily basis.

Asking the Availability of Units

Ask if there are still available apartment units on the date you want. This initial stage is commonly carried out by daily apartment seekers. It seems trivial, but it's important because it is not uncommon for people to forget to ask about the availability of the unit.

Giving Down Payment (DP)

Make an order by giving money to the mark as agreed. Usually, about 50% of the rent (depending on policy). The DP is also intended so that you do not lose the desired unit. However, before giving DP, make sure that the unit fits your needs.

Payment of Repayment

For the rest of the repayment, it can be paid when the key is handed over. Sometimes, you also need to pay extra fees for deposit money as collateral for damage to items or lost keys. This deposit fee is commonplace for all property owners.

The goal is as a reserve fund if when renting an apartment, the tenant damages intentionally or unintentionally. The deposit will be returned to the tenant if there is no damage to the leased unit.

So, before entering the daily apartment you choose, make sure to hand over the unit. First check the unit you rented, whether there is damage or not because you do not want to pay for damage you did not do.

Prepare the Self Identity Document

Giving self-identification documents to owners of daily apartments is a standard procedure that is practiced everywhere. Therefore, make sure you carry your identity. Also prepare a copy of the identity that is still valid when the handover key.

Comply with Applicable Regulations

Always maintain order and do not interfere with the rights and privacy of other apartment users. Even if you only stay on a daily basis or on a daily basis, a good impression will benefit you from staying in the future.

If you want to cancel a booking or order

You have done all the steps well. Including paying DP, rental fees, deposits and other bookings. Suddenly, from the office cancel your trip. In fact, the daily apartment has already been booked.

Don't worry, you are still allowed to cancel or cancel bookings. How do I cancel a daily apartment rental booking? You can call or contact the apartment owner or agent who owns the apartment unit. Then, request cancellation due to a certain problem.

Each apartment manager has their own policies. Some return a deposit of up to 100% or a whole. However, some cut around 50% according to the previous agreement.

So are some easy tips on how to rent a daily apartment that you need to know. In order not to be disappointed because of the ignorance of the procedure, ask the owner or agent clearly before renting a daily apartment

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