Some Good Ways to Create Healthy Friendship

Some Good Ways to Create Healthy Friendship

Psychologically, it is important for humans to have closeness with others. Ever imagine what if you were sad and no friends cared about your sadness? Or when you need support but no friends give you enthusiasm? As social beings we definitely need friends and need to interact.

So, after having friends, are all humans happy? The answer is tentative, it can be yes or no. Having friends has a good effect on mental health, but if you are in an unhealthy circle of friends it will be the opposite. If in friends you often blame each other, full of ego and anger erratically and often fight arguments, fix you get caught in a friendship relationship or a toxic relationship.

Being constantly in this circle can damage your mental health and make you a bad person. Come on, follow the advice to create healthy friendships by doing the following four steps!

When Your Friend Speaks, It Is Important To Hear It Wholeheartedly

Create healthy friendships by listening to each other. When your friend talks, listen to him with all your heart (deep listening). Keep in mind that your interlocutor is important to be heard and he has an important position as a friend or partner. This will make it appreciated and you are one step closer to healthy friendship.

When Something Is Wrong, Don't Be Angry

Some annoying events may be inevitable from friendships, but remember not to react by getting angry immediately. Of course this is not what we want but instead of blaming it, realize also the possibility that you have a role in all these annoying events. Think of yourself contributing to unpleasant things that happened, after that caused self-awareness to fix the problems that arose.

Resolve Conflict Patiently

Every time a conflict comes, reduce blame to others and learn to look inside yourself first. Find time to calm down by being aware of the breath without the need to rush to resolve the conflict. Extinguish the fire of anger within yourself and then explore the cause of the problem and understand what is happening. When the situation is calm, the problem is no longer considered something big but a challenge to solve.

Create Healthy Distance

Healthy friendship has an indication of growing together, not not paying attention to one another, not mutually demanding freedom, nor must always be close and continue to depend on each other. Create a healthy distance between colleagues, both friends and partners when developing healthy friendships. For example, in the midst of their respective routine activities, still take the time to tell and listen to each other.

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