The Best Fitness Way for Beginners to Get Maximum Results

The Best Fitness Way for Beginners to Get Maximum Results

Fitness includes ways to lose weight with exercise, the results can be maximized. Fitness is also often carried out by men and women who want to build body muscles. In the short term, if done routinely, this fitness will give us what we have been longing for.

It's just that, unfortunately there are still many people who don't know how to do good and right fitness. Finding out a little about how to do it will help us so it's not wrong and fatal to do it. To get the ideal body shape that has been coveted so far, find out below about how to do fitness.


Many people are only interested in doing fitness at the beginning and just do it a few times. After knowing the process is not easy and instant, most people will leave fitness. This is a sign that they have not set a commitment to achieve their goal of witnessing until their ideal body is formed.

Boredom is natural, but this boredom should not defeat our desire to get the body shape we expect. In order for fitness to run smoothly and every exercise to keep it up, there must be commitment. This commitment also prevents us from stopping in the middle.

Determining Objectives by Making Plans

Before starting a fitness activity, especially going to the gym, find out your exact destination. Do you want to build muscle or just want to tighten the body. If indeed the initial goal is to build muscle, exercises that are only as simple as possible will fail. Moving your body seriously without purpose will certainly not work.

Determine How Many Times Fitness in 1 Week

The average fitness guide will always focus on how to make the muscles perfectly formed in a short time. Once a week is the time of practice that is often recommended to be practiced. There are a lot of moves that need to be done in a number of sets which certainly need to be repeated several times. The following is the sequence of exercises referred to as diforsir:

On Mondays and Tuesdays, it's time to train the chest muscles.

On Wednesday, it's time to train the shoulder muscles.

On Thursday, it's time to train your leg muscles.

On Friday, it's time to train your arm muscles.

This method is valid as long as the body condition is good and the immune system is strong. Many of the methods have been put into practice, and the results have been successful. But certainly not many will do it because this method is quite self-imposed and less relaxed.

When our muscle groups are only trained once a week, there will be an increase in protein synthesis for 1 or 2 days after exercise. Indeed, this will return to normal after 36-48 hours, but did you know that this method will actually damage the muscles? Muscle fatigue and serious muscle damage can be a result, so it's best not to try.

A good method is to determine the right time, but not once a week for each muscle. Of course this is the same as we practice 5 times a week which is not good for muscle health if left to be active continuously.

Body muscle formation can actually be done without having to be long-term as long as the routine. Even this can also be done without having to overload the body's muscles. Within a week, please take two times to train each muscle group.

For the right step, we can do body muscle exercises 3 times a week. In general, there will be 3 choices for the day that can be adjusted to our busy schedule.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

So, if for example we choose the choice of the first day, it can be concluded that only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays we do the exercises. The day between the days is the time for our bodies to rest. For beginners, this method will be better practiced.

Warm Up

Every time you want to start fitness, always have a warm up first because heating basically makes the muscles stretch. By warming up, the muscles that had been stiff will not be difficult to move. Stretching or stretching is the right warm-up because the movements will increase the body's flexibility.

After warming up, the body is guaranteed to be more ready to do fitness. In addition, heating is also what will prevent us from injury. Don't assume that warming only applies to fitness beginners. Every professional and even a fitness instructor will still warm up before starting.

Regulating breathing

When exercising, it is very necessary to regulate our breathing. The right way is to breathe air through our nose, not from the mouth. Only when it will expel air, we can throw it through the mouth, and even then it needs to be done slowly. When lifting or removing a load, it is forbidden to hold your breath because it triggers an imbalance in the movement. Well-regulated breathing will help us to maximize fitness too.

Using a Simple Fitness Tool

No need to rush to do fitness with a heavy equipment. Look for and use simple fitness equipment first if you are still a beginner. Even though we still use simple fitness equipment, we still need instructors to accompany. It is he who will provide guidance where this will reduce our risk of injury.

Chest Fly Machine

Another name for this machine is Pec Dec Fly where we need to sit and position the back evenly on the base. There is a bearing lever that can be used to support our arms in a position parallel to the floor. The lever is then pushed with both hands at the same time slowly so that the chest gets pressure in the middle. Don't forget to return the lever to its original position until your chest is open; do reps several times.

Leg Press Machine

Start with a sitting position on this device, then both feet can be positioned to press the available footing. The width of both feet is equal to the width of our shoulders. The hand holds on the side of the chair, then the knee can be bent. The burden on the legs can be lowered as far as possible and the position of the pelvis also needs to be tried not to change.

Furthermore, we need to push the burden slowly but surely by manifesting the strength that the support is on the heel. When the load has reached the highest position, the knee is not locked and the load can be lowered slowly when it reaches the farthest position.

Rope Attachment or Triceps Push down

This one exercise is based on the push down triceps which is added to the rope that is the hook. The rope can then be pulled as far as possible according to the limits of the ability and strength of our hands. This is done so that there is a contraction in our biceps, but make sure the body is standing and upright.

Lying Leg Curls

Face the body on this device and face face down. The heel can then be connected with a roller foot with the foot position straight. The handle must be held firmly so that the body is fixed and stable with the footing behind our ankles. The stomach must also be on the machine then slowly lift the leg until there is contraction of the hamstrings. Before we finally lower the burden as before, hold on, after that the strength of the legs can be lifted slowly.

Leg Extension Machine

Take a comfortable sitting position by adjusting the footing or chair so the knees don't hang. The available handle needs to be held firmly while making sure the hips are not lifted during the exercise. Start moving your legs until your knees are straight but the position remains in a sitting position; add the load slowly. Hold it when the position is locked, then slowly return the foot as before, and do this repetition several times.

Air Bike

On your back, lie down and your hands are placed on the back of your head. Next lift your legs and thighs to form an upright position. The bottom of the foot is parallel, it needs to face the floor, then we can then begin to curl up and move the left elbow to the right side. Then the right leg is lifted so that our right knee and left elbow meet.

Ab Crunch Machine

This exercise movement is similar to when we do sit ups and there are certain instructions that are easy to follow. The instructor will be happy to explain it in detail so that it is not wrong for the muscles to experience optimal development. Repetition also needs to be done slowly by focusing the movement on the abdominal muscles so that the load can be pushed perfectly. Meanwhile, our feet should be as relaxed as possible.

Wide-Grip Lat Pull Down

In this tool, the foot needs to be positioned right under the footing for the knees and the legs need to be placed flat on the floor. The handle must be held firmly and the handle is pulled down. Arch your back slightly and the handle can be positioned at the front of your chest.

As for the elbow, it must be positioned under the handle. Stop for a while where the position of the bar is at the front of the collarbone, then the bar can be returned slowly. The body should not be tilted too far.

Using Heart Rate Monitor

For good and right fitness, do it using a heart rate monitor too. Aside from the fitness equipment itself, the heart rate monitor is a good tool for knowing our heart rate. Our heart rate will be easily detected and seen from this monitor while doing fitness. With the help of this tool, the level of intensity of our training will also be increased.

Take a Break in Time

Pressing or forcing yourself to keep moving and train your muscles without stopping will only hurt yourself. Maybe our goal to do this is so that our muscles can be formed quickly, but this is very wrong. Fitness aims to make our body fit, and that means our energy should not be forced.

Interrupting with a break each time carrying out the exercise will help the body not to get limp and sick quickly. Take a break of 3-5 minutes between exercises to support the body to refresh. Suspending it will only make the muscle easier to get injured or even the more serious result is bone fracture.

Eat and Drink Before and After Fitness

The correct way of fitness is not just focusing on the fitness movement, and even the food intake and drinks also need attention. Eat and drink before fitness or after fitness. As long as it's not too much, our stomach will be comfortable and safe when doing any physical exercise.

Remember that energy is needed by our body whose role is as fuel. Not only that, nutritional needs also need to be sufficient for the formation and development of muscles. Even damaged networks can also be repaired. Do not miss too every day to consume 8-10 glasses of water so that the body is always hydrated.

Mind-Body Training

Fitness is not just about using tools, but the point is to build and train muscles. Besides being able to do it at the gym, we can do it at home or outside the home, such as yoga and tai chi. With this exercise, strength, coordination and muscle flexibility will be able to be improved. Another advantage that can be obtained is that mental acuity also increases.

Setting up fast-paced music

Fun fitness will be more felt when we play songs or music with fast tempo rather than slow. Music with a fast tempo will make ourselves more excited. Even during training we will not be easily tired and bored with the music.

Record Fitness History

After doing a series of exercises, it's good to make your own notes about the history of the exercises that have been done. Usually this is more recommended for beginners. Any example that needs to be noted is the heavy burden when carrying out the last exercise if it is indeed doing weight training.

Or you can also take notes when doing the exercises so that tomorrow-tomorrow is not confused and becomes easily accustomed. The notes that we make will help us carry out fitness better and correctly. Just believe that we will experience development, which is to a more difficult and challenging level.

The good and right way of fitness has been summarized as such. Also know what is the danger of fitness every day for the health of the body physically and mentally. Hopefully this can be useful for the success of those who want to live healthy and shape the body through fitness.

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