These Are 7 Exercises That Burn Your Fat Quickly and Effectively

These Are 7 Exercises That Burn Your Fat Quickly and Effectively

Many people experience obstacles when they want to burn fat as a way to lose weight, which is the obstacle to lazy exercise. To burn fat effectively it requires commitment and discipline in exercising. If you are reluctant to do sports that are too complicated, some of these short sports can be relied upon

These Are 7 Exercises That Burn Your Fat Quickly and Effectively:


Stretching the body or stretching is a simple, short type of exercise that can help burn fat. Even when in a sitting position, you can try to stretch your body. Begin to get used to stretching 2-3 hours for 5-10 minutes not only as a sport that burns calories, but as a deterrent to tense muscles.


This sport can also be done briefly, which is between 20-30 minutes, besides that it is also very cheap and easy. Burning calories and fat is quite good as long as it is done routinely. Of course the distance must be arranged first and only as physically as possible, no need to force yourself. But if you get used to it, maybe a long distance can be reached.


Unlike jogging, physical speed is required for running, but so the more fat and calories can be burned. If you want a natural formation in the quadriceps, do not miss the calves and stomach, running is a type of exercise that can be relied upon especially if done as regularly as possible.

Jump rope

Even this type of exercise if done within 10 minutes can help burn up to 350-700 calories per week if you do it daily. Many people have proven that jumping rope can be effectively used as a way to burn fat. Fun, jump rope has a variety of movements that can be done so as not to get bored easily.


Just take 1 hour for cycling, this is a short exercise that is ready to help burn 600 calories. It's just that the number of calories burned is also determined by the location of the bike and the physical strength used when cycling. In addition to body muscles that we can train, heart health can also increase as a good effect.

Lift the dumbbell

Short exercise that also burns fat quickly is lifting dumbbell which is strength training or strength training. Besides being able to burn fat, it is clear that this exercise will make body strength increase by 50 percent more and will be able to form the body's muscles more optimally.

Go Up and Down Stairs

No need to bother having to go out and go to the gym, especially when you have to join there if you don't want to. Stairs in your home or office can also be used as a medium for fat burning physical training. Up and down stairs is an example of a type of exercise that can be done briefly but actually forms the lower body part effectively for about 10-15 minutes or more.

Basically, any type of exercise is very beneficial for the body. But for some people who want to burn fat quickly and effectively but do not want to linger or bother, some of the recommendations above can be tried and practiced. Do not forget, so that the maximum diet results, healthy diet tips also need to include proper diet and sleep.

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