This Food Is Most Potential To Damage Facial Skin

Groups of women in general make every effort to get smooth and skin-free facial and neck skin such as black spots, premature wrinkles or zits. But without them knowing it often damages the beauty of skin naturally slowly - land with an unhealthy diet. Well, the good or bad of the food you consume will have a big effect on the condition of the skin that can easily be seen or assessed by naked eye.

We summarize from various news sources to explain the variety of foods that are susceptible to causing facial skin and skin to become damaged and damage your appearance when you are outdoors:

Various cakes made from rice flour

Cakes from flour are generally made from sweet ingredients, sugar is the main ingredient. Whereas rice flour itself is the smallest carbohydrate that is easily metabolized by the body through the same methods as the process of making sugar, coupled with other ingredients that taste all sweet and make you exceed the recommended sugar intake tolerance. What result? Blood sugar experiences a surge and if consumed regularly every day, this excess sugar can poison the body, especially the skin.

Various sweets and sweets

Sugar or candy is indeed a good friend when you are doing an activity that starts to feel bored, so sucking or chewing candy can help you get excited again. Candy contains a lot of sugar, where sugar is one of the bad effects of a decrease in the type of protein that is collagen and elastic effects that make your skin supple and soft, which affects the skin texture becomes smooth. If you experience severe problems, the skin becomes wrinkled, thinned and spotty.

Various additional sugars

Although sugar is important to make a variety of foods and drinks taste sweet, but if you consume too much then it will not be good for skin health. Additional sugar is an empty calorie and affects the texture of the skin to get old quickly, especially in areas of wrinkles for the forehead, under the eyes, black spots or spotty, thinning of the skin, and pale skin color are some side effects if you overeat sugar. According to the AHA, the intake of additional sugar that must be eaten in a day is around 150 calories or 37.5 grams, equivalent to 9 tsp for men and for women is 100 calories per day.

Various cereals

Even though it is made from grains, it turns out that cereals are given a lot of sugar as an additional delicacy. Eating too much sugar will cause a surge in blood sugar that is high enough which in turn will adversely affect the health of the skin, especially on the face.

Variety of dairy products

If you consume too much milk, it will cause facial skin to experience disorders such as swollen eyelids, eye bags, pimples or blackheads, spots and wrinkles on the nose. A number of hormones for growth contained in skim milk when entering the bloodstream will affect insulin levels in the body which cause inflammation and increase oil production so that many pimples appear.

So from that another alternative is to provide organic milk which only contains natural hormones, and avoid hormones added to skim milk / non-organic milk, but this condition is still in the research stage.

Variety of salty foods with lots of salt

There are many varieties of foods such as snacks made from ingredients given a mixture of salt. Well if you consume too much salt it will cause the skin of the face to become swollen - swollen like a lot of zits. This condition is caused by the skin of the face and around the eyes having a sensitive and very soft nature which makes it susceptible to swelling around this area.

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