Zumba Is Very Good For People With Cancer? Look at the Benefits

Zumba Is Very Good For People With Cancer

Zumba which is a physical exercise or a type of exercise that increases fitness is really popular in recent times. Many people, especially women, like the combination of Latin dance movements with salsa dances while also incorporating aerobic exercise. Apparently this type of exercise while dancing is good and it is actually recommended for cancer sufferers, you know.

Zumba Is Very Good For People With Cancer

Psycho-social interventions are a type of treatment that is closely related to relationships and emotions where according to the American Cancer Society, cancer patients need it. Cancer sufferers need to know more and accurately about their feelings and emotions in order to be able to handle them.

By being able to recognize emotions and feelings, then looking for ways to deal with these stresses, this also impacts on the quality of life of cancer patients who also increase. This will be much more pronounced when undergoing cancer treatment because the welfare of cancer sufferers also increases.

According to Dr. Tika, cancer patients need a positive view regarding their physical and emotional condition. It is also important to have a healthy, active and social lifestyle for cancer sufferers so that they do not get tired quickly and experience stress while undergoing cancer treatment while feeling cancer lodged in their bodies.

The doctor also added that the mortality and morbidity of cancer patients can be significantly reduced when lifestyle and healthy diet tips ranging from regular exercise and weight control can be lived by sufferers. Because one of the benefits of Zumba is social benefits, namely interacting with other members of the Zumba class, from here cancer sufferers can try to establish positive relationships with other members and reduce symptoms of stress and depression due to cancer.

The following are the benefits of Zumba exercise as well as a therapy for stress relief and also enhancing the quality of social life:

  • Increase self-confidence
  • Increase endurance
  • Improve body coordination
  • Burn fat as well as calories
  • Maintain heart health
  • Tightening muscles and joints
  • Relax the tense muscles

Besides being beneficial for cancer sufferers, many are not the benefits of Zumba itself for health? But doctor Tika also said that before cancer sufferers follow various types of sports, including Zumba, need to consult with a doctor first. It will be even safer if their sports activities remain under the supervision of a doctor.

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