Benefits and Side Effects of Fennel for Breastfeeding Mothers

Benefits and Side Effects of Fennel for Breastfeeding Mothers

Since long ago, fennel was believed to be a galactogogue, that is, a substance promoted could facilitate breast milk. Part of this plant that is often used to facilitate breastfeeding is the seeds and leaves.

As we know, nursing mothers are prohibited from consuming any food because it can have an impact on breast milk. Then what about the safety of fennel herb plants for nursing mothers and babies?

Fennel is a type of flower plant originating from the Mediterranean. Now its existence can be found all over the world. Fragrant plants and have these tastes are often used as kitchen spices in a number of dishes.

The Benefits of Scientific Fennel

During this time, fennel is believed to increase the supply of breast milk for mothers who are breastfeeding. This is supported by a small-scale study which states that therapy with fennel can increase the amount of breast milk.

But just one study is not enough to prove clinically the efficacy of fennel. More comprehensive and comprehensive scientific clinical trials are needed to obtain this certainty.

If you want to try to smooth the milk using fennel, you can enjoy it in three ways.
  • Fennel seeds can be brewed into tea.
  • Add as a seasoning.
  • Eaten as cooked or raw vegetables.

However, always consult with your doctor first about the way or rules of use, and the risk of side effects or the results of fennel interactions with drugs that are consumed. Also make sure the products you consume are legally registered and safe for consumption by mothers who are breastfeeding.

Actually the safety of fennel in nursing mothers is not yet known. There is research that states it is safe, but there are also those who argue otherwise.

Fennel can be categorized as a food that is safe and can be consumed by all adults, including breastfeeding mothers. A small amount of fennel contained in breast milk does not seem harmful to the baby. Likewise there are other studies which conclude that fennel is safe to use for babies, but it is recommended to use it no more than 14 days.

Its use must also be careful because if you consume excessive fennel, the effect can poison your child through breast milk. Babies have the potential to experience allergic reactions and poisoning from breast milk from mothers who consume tea containing excess fennel and herbal plants.

It is recommended to avoid fennel if you have allergies to celery, carrots or mugwort plants. People who have bleeding disorders should also avoid it because fennel is thought to slow blood clots.

The use of fennel is also best avoided by those who have conditions that are sensitive to hormones, such as those with ovarian cancer, endometriosis, breast cancer, or uterine cancer. Until now, there are no strong data to support the safety of fennel in nursing mothers and children as the main stimulants of breast milk.

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