Benefits of Mango Juice Behind the Delicious Taste

Benefits of Mango Juice Behind the Delicious Taste

Fruit juice drinks are preferred because they taste delicious and have many benefits. Mango juice can be a healthy choice of complementary foods as it contains vitamins A, B6, C, and vitamin E.

Good news for those of you who like mango or fruit named Latin Mangifera indica. Many benefits of mangoes, among others, have the benefits of antioxidants for the health of the body, and can help maintain healthy eyes, heart, immune system, and reduce the risk of certain cancers.

Sourced from the fruit

In addition to the benefits above, mangoes are also known to be able to facilitate the functioning of the digestive system. Research shows that there are positive results related to healing chronic constipation thanks to eating mangoes. The researchers also found that active substances in mangoes can suppress fat cells and other fat-forming genes.

One cup of mango is able to provide about 25 percent of the recommended amount of daily needs of vitamin A. Not only for the eyes, but the skin, bones, immune system and reproduction will also get the same benefits from these vitamins.

Need a booster for the immune system? Take advantage of vitamin C contained in the mangoes. In addition, adequate vitamin C content can also increase iron absorption. One cup of mango will meet 76 percent of the daily requirement for vitamin C.

The choice of eating mangoes can be done in many ways. The easiest way is to eat it directly when the mango is ripe and still fresh. But if you want to process it first, mango juice is also no less tantalizing to taste. Mango juice can be refreshing and strengthen the body. The influence of mangoes in this liquid form is believed to be able to overcome heat stroke or the effects of heat due to exposure to direct sunlight.

The Right Way to Make Mango Juice

Eating fruit in the form of juice can relieve the work of the digestive tract. However, there is no evidence to confirm that eating fruit in the form of juice is healthier than consuming it directly. On the other hand, a portion of the fiber content of the fruit can be lost when processed into a juice drink.

In order to get the maximum benefits of mango juice, pay close attention to how to make it. Processing using a juicer can leave beneficial fibers. However, it is different if you use a blender as this method makes all parts of the fruit come together to work together, of course, except the seeds. Mix the pieces of fruit with water, then put in a blender and process until smooth. This method can keep the fiber content and nutritional fruit not wasted.

Also note the portion of juice that will be made. The juice made must be consumed immediately. If not, it is feared that harmful bacteria will soon be overgrown.

Avoid mixing mango with sugar or syrup that can increase calories and cause weight gain. Manga fruit is a fruit that is classified as very sweet and contains low fiber compared to other fruits. Therefore, although many have beneficial vitamins, try to consume them at a reasonable level. It is recommended to consume no more than two servings of mangoes a day. For people with diabetes or health conditions that make you have to pay attention to sugar consumption, consult a doctor.

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