Seeing the Benefits of Licorice, the Sweet That is Claimed Has Many Benefits

Seeing the Benefits of Licorice, the Sweet That is Claimed Has Many Benefits

Licorice is a plant that has sweet taste. Because of that taste, licorice is often used as a flavoring agent in food and beverages, even cigarettes. Not only that, it turns out the content in the roots of this plant is also used to treat various diseases.

In Indonesia, licorice is also called by other names sweet root. The nutritional content contained in licorice is protein, carbohydrates, sugar, vitamin A, and antioxidant compounds such as flavonoids and glycyrrhizin. Plants originating from the European and Asian regions have long been used as herbal medicines. Even so, the truth about the benefits of licorice is still not fully proven medically.

Facts about the Benefits of Licorice, here are facts about the health benefits of licorice plants, including:

Streamlining breathing

Those of you who have breathing and coughing disorders are advised to take supplements that contain estrak licorice. Taking licorice supplements is believed to help relieve the respiratory tract and relieve coughing. Licorice extract works by producing healthy mucus in the respiratory system, making it easier for your breathing.

Protect skin

Licorice extract is believed to be able to deal with itchy and inflamed skin in people with eczema and counteract the effects of skin damage due to sun exposure. The benefits of licorice also seem to improve the condition of skin hyperpigmentation. This effect is thought to be obtained from the active ingredient in licorice which is able to suppress inflammation in the body. However, the effectiveness of the benefits of licorice for clinical skin health still needs further investigation.

Overcoming heartburn

You who feel heartburn, you should try consuming products that contain licorice. According to research, licorice can reduce pain symptoms in the pit of the stomach because it has glycyrrhizic acid, which is a compound that is anti-inflammatory and can trigger the immune system. In addition, these compounds can prevent the spread of H.pylori bacteria in the stomach and intestines which cause symptoms of heartburn. Licorice extract can also speed up repair of the digestive tract wall and help relieve symptoms of digestive disorders.

Helps treat cancer

Licorice root is thought to have a content that can treat people with cancer, such as breast cancer, gastric cancer, and prostate cancer. However, clinical evidence and further research still need to be done to support this allegation.

Reducing dental problems

If you hear claims claiming that toothpaste with licorice extract can overcome dental problems, you have to think twice before buying it. Because according to the study, using toothpaste containing licorice extract does not make the plaque on the teeth decrease. Likewise with other dental problems, such as inflammation of the gums or bleeding gums.

There are also other guesses about the benefits of licorice in overcoming certain medical conditions, such as bleeding, hepatitis, Addison's disease, high cholesterol, polycystic ovary syndrome, infection, coughing, muscle cramps, weight loss, irritable bowel syndrome, and psoriasis. However, further research is still needed to determine the effectiveness and safety of licorice in overcoming these medical conditions.

Know the Side Effects

In general, consumption of licorice contained in food and beverages is still considered safe, provided it is still in accordance with the dosage. Similarly, if you apply it to the skin, with a note of its use in a short time. However, the use of licorice in large quantities and long periods of time is not recommended, because it will cause harmful effects, including irregular heartbeat, hypertension, hypokalemia, paralysis, and brain damage.

In addition, other side effects that might occur due to consuming licorice include:

  • Headache.
  • Fatigue.
  • Menstrual disorders.
  • Accumulation of fluid and sodium in the body.

Attention also for pregnant women, you are advised not to consume licorice. Consuming it in large doses will increase the risk of preterm birth, even miscarriages and fetal defects. Although the effect is not yet known, you are advised not to consume licorice while breastfeeding.

Therefore, consult a doctor first before deciding to consume licorice, and always read the ingredients listed on the packaging label for medicinal and food products.

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